Back 2 School

22 07 2009

“Back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.” ~ Ahmad (rap song)

The other night[really like 2 weeks ago, since I wrote this awhile ago and just never posted it guys… sorry lol], one of my favs and I (Pimp C to be exact) were waxing poetic about guys and a novel idea came up… couldn’t we just go back to the way things were in high school? I know, sounds crazy for a second, right?

ANIMATED_BACK_TO_SCHOOLBut think back… past the drama you thought you had… back to the feeling you felt when the guy you liked, liked you back.

Things were just simpler then. There was no denying if a guy liked you… because what did he do? He called you. You guys hung out all the time. He kissed you… and somehow, before you knew it, he was your boyfriend. Nowadays… a guy can do all of that and just be trying to have sex with you, with no real plans of being in a relationship with you.

What the hell?

At what point, we wondered, did it all change? How did the signs of a guy actually liking you turn into just signs that he might like you? And when did it become okay to say “I like you,” but I’m not ready to be in a relationship right now. Ready. A very interesting word. What does it mean to be ready, exactly? And are you ever really ready for something to happen in your life. I remember in college there was a decision I had to make the fall semester of my sophomore year and I spoke with one of my big sisters (in spirit) about it. I told her I didnt think I was ready for this big change and was not sure if I should commit to it. Her response to me was, “In life, you’re never ready… but if you want it… you just do it.”

Simple words, but true. In high school, did a guy ever hit you with, “say mama, I like you, we’ve been talking on the phone every night holding handsuntil like 2 am,  and we spend most of our free time together…. but ummmm I dont think I’m quite ready for a relationship.” No! Of course they didnt, you know why? Because they recongnized that they were already in one… they were doing it as opposed to getting ready for it.

Just one more thing that was great in high school.

Now don’t get me wrong. Yes, we probably had warped ideas of love and committment and relationships back in the day. Heck, I don’t know where I’d be right now if I would have married my high school sweetheart (which is something I thought of back then), but you can’t deny the simplicity of it all.

No guess factor. No worries. Hey, some of you may have even been hit with the trusty “Do you like me: check yes or no” paper. I’m just saying that maybe it’s high time we add a little high school simplicity back into our lives… might make a lot of people a lot happier.  Namely me and Pimp C… yeah, we’re selfish, it’s okay. We admit it.




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