Is Paris Hilton right?

6 07 2009

Alright, ladies and gents… I’ve got a nice little interactive discussion I’d like you to take part in.. feel free to respond anonymously if that makes you more comfortable 🙂

Anyway, so recently, I was watching an episode of Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D List. In this episode, Kathy was hangin’ with her new BFF, Paris Hilton, in one of Kathy’s numerous scams to get noticed by the papparazzi. So the two women are shopping and Kathy makes a snide comment (as she is want to do) about giving blow jobs… and Paris immediately responds, “Ewww gross, I never do that. My mom always taught me that only ugly girls do things such as that.”

Now, disregarding the fact that this is the same woman with a sex tape out, the question remains… is the act of giving head (still) perceived as The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Oral-Sexsomething that only ugly women do? It’s an interesting question, because these days, it seems that giving and receiving oral sex have become less taboo than they were before, even just a few years ago.

But… have the perceptions of a few years ago gone away with the taboo-ness of it all? Sure, Cosmo says all women should do it. They give tips in damn near every magazine! lol… Katt Williams extolls the benefits in his stand-ups. Heck, even Pepa showed off her amazing deep throating skills on TV recently. And women have seemingly become more open-minded to the concept…

And yet, the question still remains…

So ladies… do you agree with Paris? Is oral sex only for women who don’t find themselves/men don’t find attractive… why or why not?

And fellas… what about you? Are you more willing to forgive a woman not doing it if she’s especially cute or is it a deal breaker at this point?

We’ll discuss the other side of this coin later… dont you worry. lol




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6 07 2009

So couple things (and you know I’m struggling to respond to this post without being completely raunchy, lol). However, I DO NOT think it’s for ugly girls and I don’t even know how that got started. Maybe, for a guy it’s easy to get down like that with an unattractive girl, but if the tables were reversed, I don’t think I could get down with a really ugly guy like that. Who wants to be intimate with somebody you aren’t attracted to? Part of being intimate is being attracted to the person – a really big part. Maybe for a guy that ish isn’t intimate, but for me it is. And I definitely don’t want you doing the deed if I won’t kiss you . . .

I’m just saying . . . .

And, more fodder for your readers. I have a couple guy friends who won’t let “wifey” give them oral sex. They say that that is reserved for the hoes. That makes no sense to me at all – but unlike you, D-Magic, I don’t think like a dude, lolololol. So, men (and D-Magic) please weigh in on that one as well!

6 07 2009

First, thank you CCB, for participating in our discussion for the day lol…

now to your points:
a. I also don’t think the act is just for ugly girls, but honestly, we aren’t the ones who would be thinking such a thing… it would be the guys. So the question is do guys then perceive it as being something that only ugly girls do? Because whether we like to admit it or not, guys do have sex with women they dont necessarily find all that attractive… maybe the oral sex helps them “get it up” for the act with someone who they dont think is cute… IDK.

b. I also agree that one, oral sex is intimate for me as well… and it’s not going down (either way) with someone who I have to put a bag over his head.

c. wow, I dont think I’ve heard that one before, but interesting… so does that mean, the guy is basically saying he’s giving up oral sex for the rest of his life once he gets married? I seriously doubt that… I know I wouldnt if the tables were reversed…

6 07 2009

So yeah. Its definitely not just for ugly girls. I mean, and while we get offended that there’s this rumor that it is for ugly girls, think back to high school. There was a loose girl who wasn’t the prettiest, but all the guys knew they could get what they wanted from her. And I definitely think there was a whole “good girls” don’t do that thing for a while. I mean, I know I subscribed to that. Thought it was nasty. Fast forward a few years: I think we’ve all grown comfortable with the idea of a lady in the streets, a freak in the sheets. The stigma around head (and shoot, a LOT of other acts) is just gone. So just because you do (or don’t do) it, ugly, pretty, wifey or not, no one needs to know that but your man. So long as ya’ll don’t have any hangups, I say grab the ice water.

I definitely think that you need to have some sort of attraction to someone for it to go down like that either way, like Dbaham said. And I think that regardless of the history of the act, today, it’s just another aspect of doing the deed. And that guy who says he doesn’t want wifey doing it, that’s just silly. I mean, you’re not putting her on the corner and pimping her — ya’ll are loving adults who are showing your attraction/passion/whatever for one another. Variety is the spice of life. If that’s really what he thinks, then he is going to have a long boring sex life — either that, or he’ll never get married.

6 07 2009

Grab the ice water! Thelma… get out of here! LMAO!

6 07 2009

Because I know the author is going to fuss at me for responding in an e-mail instead of commenting, here’s the requested male perspective. The first answer is that it’s absolutely a dealbreaker for me or almost every guy I know well enough to talk about these things. You can’t even get into the wifey convo with me if you don’t pass the “lady in the streets/freak in the sheets” test thelma talked about and part of that is undoubtedly working out the Love Below….lol.

As for the other part, while I (and most guys) put the woman they really like on a pedestal and do things for (or don’t think things) for her that they won’t do for others, that pedestal doesn’t extend to the bedroom. In fact, I think your girl should take care of that aspect so that you don’t want to have anyone else chipping in….lol.

I think mostly I agree that the “good girls don’t do this, that or the third thing” mentality is a HS mentality and 8 years removed from HS, so I could not seriously entertain someone who was still thinking like they were 15. Hope that helps. Love you guys! 🙂

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