We live in Dangerous Times…

9 06 2009

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the news about the two American journalists who were captured arrested in North Korea and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor the other day for “grave crimes” against North Korea. If you haven’t, please read here and here.

What were these crimes, you ask? According the North Korean government, they included crossing into North Korean territory. Can you imagine someone crossing into the United States territory and President Obama ordering them to 12 years of hard labor as punishment? Ridiculous, right?

But the thing is… it’s really, unfortunately, not surprising when it comes to journalistsNorth Korea’s politics. The American powers- that -be seem to think that they are using these women as political chess pieces, so they can effectively negotiate themselves out of the shit storm they’ve created with their testing of nuclear weapons.

It’s probably going to be effective, too… because the last thing Obama and Clinton need are to not bring these women home safe and sound. President Carter made that mistake during his term, and even though he eventually was able to get the captives back, he was perceived as soft because it took too long. Some credit this with being one of the reasons Americans then gravitated to a hard nosed guy like Reagan. No one could ever say he was soft… on anything.

Speculation now seems to be that since the sentencing has occurred now, the North Koreans will be willing to negotiate with the likes of either Al Gore or Bill Richardson. Let’s hope so, because right now, it’s looking like there are some tough decisions coming up for this administration. And it doesn’t seem like they are going to get any easier any time soon. What do you all think? Do you see this getting better or worse?




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