Shopaholics Anonymous

14 05 2009

Hi, my name is D-Magic…. And I’m a Shopaholic.

I realized this fact yesterday when I left the mall with 5 bags in my hand (Victoria’s Secret, Aldo, Aldo girl with bagsaccessories, Lane Bryant, & Bennetton), when I was only supposed to leave out with maaaaybe two. Okay, let me back up a second.

My birthday is in a couple days… I say this not because its the point of the post, but it’s part of the reason I went to the mall in the first place. So yeah, my bday is in a few days, and Victoria’s Secret sent me this nice little email telling me that as an Angel Card member, I could go to any store and get a free pair of VS panties. Now normally I would have gone to a VS not in the mall, but I also needed to get my eye brows waxed (one of my places is in the mall) and I wanted to see if I could get one more cute shirt for the weekend (a girl’s gotta have options, right?).

So anyway, that was my intention walking into the mall… Get my free VS panty, get my eye brows waxed, maybe get a shirt… And go home.

I did the first part just fine. I walked straight to the section that would be free for me, picked a pair, went to the register and was on my way out, when I saw the Howard Pink section. Eek!

Now, I’d been saying how much I wanted something from there since they put Howard as one of the schools, and I diiiiiiid have an angel card, so I was tempted to get something. But I knew I shouldn’t. So just like any other addict, I called my sponsors.

First CCB… But she was still in the gym thinking of cabana boys.

Then CJ, but she didn’t answer either.

It was not looking pretty. Finally, I called my sister. “Hey,” I said. “Hey, what’s up?” “I need you to tell me VSno.” “Okay, NO. Now what am I telling you ‘no’ for?” “Well, you see I came to the mall today…” “Oh goodness,” she interrupted. “What?! You didn’t even let me finish?!” “I already know where this is going… You see a pair of shoes that you like, right?” “Ugh, how DARE you stereotype me!!!! That’s not what I’m calling about at all!!! I was calling because I saw the Howard section in VS and I was tempted to get something.” “Oh… Well, don’t get it. You don’t even go to Howard anymore! And don’t go in a shoe store either.” “Okay, okay. But I’ll always be a Bison. I won’t get it though… Thanks.”

So first addict crisis averted, I went back to my schedule. Next on my list was to get my eye brows waxed… Except that there were some sunglasses I’d been wanting from Aldo accessories. So I stopped in there for a second… And the next thing I knew, I’d gone to Bennetton (who was having an awesome sale by the way), Lane Bryant, and Aldo… And still hadn’t done the #2 item on my list.

Realizing this, I composed myself. And went back to what I’d gone there for. After getting that done, I decided it best that I don’t go to Forever 21 because who knows what I might be capable of in there… And I made my way back to the metro. Bags in hand. With of course a pair of shoes.

aldoSomehow, I still managed to get a pair of shoes… Now granted they were on sale for $30, but that’s like an alcoholic saying I just took a sip or a sex-aholic saying I just let him put the tip in… It could have been bad.

Anyway, needless to say.. I’m done shopping for a second (at least until I need to get my vacation clothes). Between that trip, my recent sample sale weekend, and my Diors… Your girl has definitely been treating herself.

Which isn’t so bad when its only done once in a while, right??? Okay… Let me stop. Again.. My name is D-Magic, and I’m a shopaholic.

Anybody else want to share?




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14 05 2009

This isn’t my fault!

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