She smashed the homie?

15 04 2009

I have a question for my readers, in particular my guys who read and don’t comment… You know who you are 🙂 But girls, don’t worry, I want your input as well.

Let me start off by saying that I watch For the Love of Ray J, religiously lol. (Go ahead, judge me if you will…) Either way, I watch it. And recently an incident occurred where Ray J found out that one of the girls in his top 4 had previously slept with one of his friends, before knowing they were friends, in a one-night stand deal. He chose to keep her but got a lock of flack from his friends. In fact, they even created a song for him called, “Danger, she smashed the homie.”

Yes it has lyrics and everything.

So I took this discussion to work as I do a lot of things, wondering what the guys at work would have done in that situation. Would they have been like Ray J and brushed off their friends’ comments because they really liked the girl and didn’t want to judge her on something from her past? (So he says at least) or would they have dumped her one-night stand having self?

I was surprised to see that the 2 men I spoke to would have done exactly what Ray J did, not judge her… Unless she got an STI from the friend, then that was a different story. (Their caveat, not mine.) You know who really had a problem with it and didn’t think they would be able to do it if the roles were reversed? Women.

I thought this was kind of interesting, not judging either group, but my expectation was that the women would say not to judge her (or any person for that matter) by their former partners and the guys would say the opposite. After all, no guy really wants to be with someone who smashed the homie, right?

What do you all think? Were my co-workers an anomoly or are guys really more tolerant in this category than I presumed? And women, do u agree with the women at my job? Would you be able to handle it if your guy had previously boinked one of your girls?




2 responses

15 04 2009

I just wanted to comment b/c I liked the title of the post, lolololol.

But for real, for real – I think I could get past a one night deal situation if a dude I liked smashed the homies (but only once). But, that might also be because I think like a man when it comes to that stuff. In fact, I’m probably the most wrong person to ask, lolololol.

So back to where we started, I like the title.

15 04 2009


See, this is the problem… you know I’ve been told a few times that I have a male mentality when it comes to relationships, so thats why I was genuinely wondering if I was alone in thinking it wouldnt be that bad of a problem. My thing was, if the guy had a previous relationship with a friend of mine, then yeah… it probably wouldnt work, but a one-night stand? Shoot, I wouldnt want to be judged that strictly… so I certainly wouldnt do it to someone else lol.

But, like I said…. some folks seem to think that I think like a dude, so who knows? We both might just be wrong in this situation LOL

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