I’m in Lub wit a Stripper(kinda)

10 04 2009

Yeah I said it. Your girl is feeling real T-Pain(ish) right about now.

So what brought about this new found attraction? Well, it all started a couple months ago when I went to a friend’s birthday party. Her party was to feature dancing, food, strip lessons, and last but not least, private entertainment. We were all psyched, mainly because I don’t think anyone had ever been to a party with a private stripper before. No, I’m not a prude (in case any new readers weren’t aware lol), but I just hadn’t had the privilege yet. As the night went on, our entertainment was running late and our intrigue was running away… until he finally walked in.

black-muscular-male-body-thumb2546147Let me tell you… even with his clothes on, the man looked like someone you would want to pour… well let’s just say, for those of you who’ve seen For the Love of Ray J, you might want to make a Banana split out of the man! He was gorgeous! No… really. GORGEOUS! Dark chocolate skin, beautiful straight white teeth smile, clean edge up, guns in his arms, and a donk lol. And like I said, that was with his clothes on.

So you can only imagine how we were all enamored when he came out of the bathroom with far fewer items of clothing on… some girls were so awestruck they couldn’t even move! Like I said, the man was gorgeous… in E.V.E.R.Y. way.

But it was a one night thing and since it wasn’t my birthday, I’d laid back anyway… you know, let the bday girl get her shine… cuz I’m nice like that. 🙂 I figured I would never see that man ever again.

And thennnnnnnnnnnn…

Pimp C came in town and on a whim we decided to go to this strip club near my house that features male strippers on Wednesdays. And what do you know… guess who was there? In all his wonderous gorgeous glory… and as we joked and laughed, we all started slightly contemplating what would really be the big deal with being with a stripper.

After all, the ones at that place were all driving Ranges so they weren’t lacking in the money department. They were FOINE. And clearly flexible… all good things, right? Now, you probably wouldn’t be able to bring him home toblack-man1 your mom and I don’t know how strippers pay taxes, but hey… I’m still seeing nothing but good here.

Sigh. Until I remember that maybe just maybe he isn’t just a stripper and he’s more likely to carry some kind of disease and that you know we live in a city whose HIV rate is now equivalent to pandemic proportions. Yeah, I remember all that. Which makes me not really be in love with a stripper… but I mean, if I could find someone who looked like a stripper, could move like a stripper, but had like a legitimate job, believed in watermelon, and knew how to cook a good omelet… I might have to get on one knee for him. For real. Lol

And if I do, you better not judge me… cuz he might have a brother for you 🙂




2 responses

25 04 2009

So uh… where is this Wednesday night spot? Because the girls have been looking…. :o)

26 04 2009

Girl it’s at this spot called The Legend, in Temple Hills, MD… right behind the Naylor Road metro.

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