It’s Hard out here for a P.I.M.P.

8 04 2009

and by P.I.M.P., I mean writer. Seriously y’all… I’m not sure how many of my readers know, but I love magazines. In fact, before realizing that being completely into the culture of magazines meant moving to NY, living off $29,000 a year and searching for a cardboard box to live in in Harlem, I really wanted to work for a magazine full time. That wasn’t always the case. I went to Howard with aspirations to do print and broadcast journalism, but after realizing that I didn’t like the newspaper grind and I didn’t like not writing in the broadcast realm, I learned more about magazines.

There, I found I had more freedoms. I could really take a more creative look magazines1at topics. Delve deeper. Not just write the typical ‘who, what, when, where, and why’ article. So I interned at Sister 2 Sister Magazine… and regardless of what you may think about the magazine, working there only made me want to be in magazines even more… but then like I said, that whole $29,000 a year thing shot all that down.

Anyway, all that to say… I love magazines. So even though I only dabble a little in them still, finding ways to freelance for a couple publications, I still try to keep up with what’s going on with them. And they’re hurting right now.

For those of you who don’t know, magazines pretty much have a magical number they all want to reach before celebrations begin: 5 years. That’s always been the magical number… once you reached 5 years; you were guaranteed to keep it moving. Champagne bottles would pop! Diddy would be talking about naming islands Cristaland… all that goodness! But not anymore…

Recently, a couple magazines that I’d sworn made their 5th year anniversary recently, have folded. Blender is gone. King is gone. Shop left us last year.. and so on and so forth. And the magazines aren’t the only ones. Newspapers everywhere are either letting people off, doing those buy-outs, and just all out firing folks. MTV ‘s cutting 800 people in a day… it’s real,yall!

In a way, it makes sense. When people are looking for things to cut back on, stuff like magazines and newspapers seem to be expendable to them, because you can seemingly get the same stuff from the Internet. I completely disagree, but I can understand how someone might think so. Obviously, as a writer, magazineswith a lot of writer friends, I feel a different type of way.

But really, I mean you know it’s bad when King is folding… whatever will the ‘ex’video girls and Destiny Child members do now???? (okay, that was kind of wrong, but whatever lol.. I was trying to lighten the mood… LOL)

PS. I also just read something about Giant Mag maybe being in trouble… does anyone know the validity of that?




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8 04 2009

I see you stealing my tag 🙂

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