Like Riding a Bike?

6 04 2009

My friends and I have used the phrase, dating practice, a few times recently, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s a valid thing or if it’s just something silly that we girls have come up with lol. The basic premise is that you go on a date with a guy who doesn’t exactly blow your mind, but doesn’t put the U.G.L. and Y. in ugly, to get you back in the swing of things.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. You know how I’ve told you all before that my friends and I have been called major flirts, well the truth is, when we’re around guys that we really like, we clam up. It’s absolutely ridiculous. One time I even found myself in the scene from Why Did I get Married, where Jill Scott’s character is kissed by Lamman Rucker’s character and the only thing she can think to do is scream out, “Whew!!!!” Yes, that’s right… I “whew-ed.” Loudly.





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6 04 2009

You’re going to stop all this bait and switch foolishness, lololol. And, I hope that wooing a man to dinner after a business conference is in reference to me and “He Who Has Yet to Earn a Nickname.” If it’s not, I’m going to pretend it is. It gives me a big ego boost.

Ehhh, you know I’m a fan of a practice date, except, like you said, it doesn’t prepare you for the real thing (remember how nervous I was with HMCA?). And, the thing about a practice date is that they almost always want a 2nd one. And that’s not a good look. You could end up with a 3.5 screaming at you in the middle of the movie theatre parking lot. That’s definitely a bad look!

6 04 2009

LOL… I know, I know! But I have to every once in awhile (smile). And yes, that is in reference to you… I’m looking forward to that blog post lol.

See that’s the thing. Dating Practice definitely has its benefits, but I dont think it really serves the true purpose, you know? lol…. and ooooooh yeah, I forgot about that whole ‘he may want to date you again’ thing. Darn… LOL

ps. oh who could forget the 3.5 and all his ridiculous-ness!!!

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