Debunking a Myth?

30 03 2009

So Cosmo claims that you actually can turn a hoe into a housewife… well more accurately, you can turn a cut buddy into a boyfriend. Interesting theory to say the least. In fact, their exact belief is that you have the opportunity to make this switch, but only after the first sexual encounter.

I guess you can call it the Molly Theory (for all the former Starter Wife tv watchers). In the show, Molly has sestarter-wifex with a guy under the guise that she could handle a stricty sexual reationship. Soon after, however, she realizes that she wants more, tells the guy that she wants more… And lo and behold, he likes her enough to agree to changing the already agreed upon terms of their relationship from sex to dating.

The thing that Cosmo and and anyone believing this theory don’t get is that that circumstance worked out for one reason and one reason only: it happened on TV. I mean, I’m not trying to be debbie downer for anyone who had plans on trying the theory out, but c’mon… It’s just not very realistic.

Every guy I’ve ever discussed relationships with have maintained the same ideas: once you have sex with a man, the relationship changes and if you go backwards sexually. That basically means that once you have sex with a man guy-girlas his cut buddy, you can’t then try and make him your boyfriend. In fact, chances are that if you did try, you’d get laughed out of the country. Seriously.

So what do you think? Is Cosmo right? Do you have a brief chance between the first and second sexual encounter to make a cut buddy a relationship or do you lose any chance as soon as your clothes drop that first time?




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