So I’ve Noticed…

27 03 2009

… that I seem to have a particular type when it comes to guys. Well, actually I’ve known for awhile, but it’s become a little more evident lately.

Basically, if you are a…

Man + charmer + orange aurajacked up teeth = you’ve got a strong chance.

Now, you can look at that and say, “well, damn does that mean you like everyone?” Au contraire my friend. It’s actually a bit harder to find than you might think. You see, even though I don’t have height, weight, or color specifications… while most people pretty much only have to meet one superficial standard for others; for me, you’ve got to meet all of those.

But there’s a problem with that, also. Clearly my type has gotten me nowhere. In fact, I recently explained to my roommate that I at least now recognize that if I meet a guy who’s a charmer, 9 times out of 10 (yes, real statistic lol), he’s not just charming me. [I say now, because even as little as a few years ago, I was still unaware.]

And yet…. That damn charm and orange aura get me every freakin’ time. It’s what draws me to Wayne even though I don’t think he’s particularly attractive; it’s what makes me think Trey Songz could get it twice on Sunday; and it’s what usually makes me go all googly eyes in the club. But lately….

A more pressing dilemma has come about from this type that I have. Whereas at one point, I was meeting too many guys who fit the criteria, now: Nada. Zilch. Nothing. And… I’ve been going out! I flirt. I talk. I shoot the breeze with folks; but at the end of the discussion when it comes time for the guy to get my number, I find some nice way to blow him off because he juuuuust didn’t do it for me.datingcouple1

That’s crazy, right? In this recession… of men! But it’s what I’ve been doing. And part of it is that I have this very simple but sick way of knowing if I want to engage in more than a conversation with you: can I see you putting it down? I know… I know. But as crazy as that may sound, think about it for a second before you dismiss it.

If you’re going to be more than friends with someone, and you’re not a virgin nor do you plan on becoming a born- again virgin, chances are that sex will come into the relationship. And you want someone who brings out the passionate side in you; who you have tons of chemistry with.

And unfortunately (for me, that is) the person that can do that is probably someone who resembles your type. Because really, your type is just a more general way of saying ‘these are the things that I’m attracted to.’ And I guess knowing what gets you going isn’t so bad after all.


PS. Michael… Yes, I jacked your title: but it got me writing, isn’t that great???? 🙂




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5 01 2011
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