What’s Wrong with this Conversation???

17 03 2009

Once again, its always something when I go to the grocery store! Lol… Please accept this brief intermission from shoes, relationships, and politics to just laugh…

Me rolling my cart to the cash register oblivious: la la la la la la cashier-3-g

Cute (in a pinch his cheeks cute way) cashier aka Juvie (cuz he’s a youngin): Hey [wink]

Me: Hi (start putting all my groceries on the conveyer belt)

Juvie: You gon be mad [wink]

Me: Why is that? Don’t tell me you’re closed (laugh, but not jokingly)

Juvie: Yep [wink]

Me: (thinking: does he have a twitch?) Oh c’mon, you can’t stay open just for me, puleaze!

Juvie: Sigh, okay but only cuz you’re cute…. Well and cuz I’m really not closed, I just wanted you to start talking to me.

Me: (laughs) Oh okay. Well you know, I’m probably old enough to be your mother. (Okay, I’m not quite that old but whatever lol)

Juvie: That’s okay, I’m cool with that [winks again]

Me: Ha! Sooooo how’s your St. Patty’s day going? I don’t see any green on you.st-patricks-day

Juvie: I’m black, not Irish. Just like you.

Me: What does that mean? I could be Irish, didn’t your mother teach you not to judge a book by its cover?

Juvie: Oh, true… You DO have freckles.

Me: Excuse me?

Juvie: You have freckles. Regular Black folks don’t have freckles.

Me: Sigh, there’s so much I could say to that.

Please someone, help the children! Lololol

PS. Dont worry… I do have a real post coming, I just HAD to share this with yall.




6 responses

18 03 2009
Boss Brown

I can so visualize this conversation happening from start to finish….lol

18 03 2009

Oh Boss Brown… how I ❤ thee!!!

26 03 2009

Omg, omg… I thought this was gonna continue and go to a bad place…

Thank god.

26 03 2009

ummmm… I’m a little concerned about where you thought the story was going to go, Veronica! LMAO!

26 03 2009

I saw “Regular black folk don’t have freckles…”

And that reminded me Busted-Up Boy on the Bus…

“Light-skinned people look better in pictures.”

26 03 2009

oh…. well yeah girl, I had to compose myself so that I would not go OFF on him!

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