The Recession Diaries

11 03 2009

Okay, seriously… I know it’s been a couple days. You dont have to tell me or give me the silent side eye… I KNOW. But while I get my life together and finish these posts that I have been working on for this blog, dont forget to check me out HERE!!!pen

OH and by the way, your girl was recently “published” on The Root for one of my besties, Michael’s, new hit The Recession Diaries. He takes submissions from folks like you and me about how the recession is affecting/has affected you. If you’re interested, submit something to him… and if you just want to read, read mine first (LOL) HERE and then read the rest of them HERE!!!

Love yall! SMOOCHES…..




2 responses

12 03 2009

Ahhh the old bait and switch. At least you have something to bait and switch to . . . I’m just feeling extra lazy and extra tired (darn Hong Kong) these days!

12 03 2009

lol it’s not exactly bait and switch this time… more like a plea… for help! LMAO!

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