Loch Ness MONSTERS!!!!

5 03 2009

I have a problem.

Lately, meaning over the past several months, I’ve had the good or bad fortune (whichever you’d like to think of it as) of seeing several cute guys around me. You would think that would just be good, right? Heck, really- you’d think it be freakin amazizing!

But here’s the problem. I see them once and never see them again afterwards. To add insult to injury, usually I’m the only one to see the person and then I have to tell my friends about this cute guy I saw, but I didn’t get his number, and no I probably won’t ever see him again. Each time I begin the conversation, I feel as if I’m talking about Big Foot, a creature that no one believes in and if you said you saw him, people would automatically not believe you as well. Also, if purchance you did happen to see him (or the Loch Ness monster), most likely you wouldn’t again.

shadowIt all started a couple months after starting my new job last year. I’d gone from working in a mostly “other” environment to working with a bunch of folks who looked like me. So naturally, I thought I’d have a better chance of finding cuties there. Nope. None. Not one.

And then one day, I saw him. He was so cute! Okay maybe he wasn’t a 10, probably not even an 8, but definitely a 7, and in a sea full of 5’s and 4’s, 7 looked fan-fucking-tastic! (Look out for that post on HONEY about the law of cuteness relativity lol) So anyway, there was random cute guy, and there was me running around trying to finish this hard ass project I’d just been given. I barely had time to process his cuteness, when he stopped me in the hallway to ask me a question.

He was just looking for someone’s office, but the gleam in his eyes when he asked me…. Whooo! I almost took him to MY desk to… Well, there’s no need to be vulgar lol. Anyway, I gave him the information he needed and continued back running around trying to find the people I needed. I saw him 2 more times that morning and each time it looked like he was about to say something to me (ask me on a date, maybe?) but I would be pulled away by someone, anyone that I was working with (whom clearly did not have my best date interests at heart).

To this day, I’ve never seen this man again. One of my co-workers who also noticed him at the time said she saw him once, getting coffee downstairs in the shop, but even she’s at a loss. Sigh… Like I said he was the first one. There’s more.

Then came my new gynecologist office. Who the heck knew so many cute guys would work there? Well, by so many, I mean 2 lol. But its just not what you’re expecting to see when you go to the doctor. They weren’t doctors themselves, but they had scrubs on… And I, well let’s just say I wasn’t any kinds of prepared to flirt with a man at that moment.

So I emailed or pinged CCB (can’t remember which one) and told her about them and also about my plan to make sure I dressed and looked a lot better the next time I went. Flash forward a couple months and I was back at the doctor (routine stuff guys, no need to worry) and this time I only saw 1 of them. Of course I’d forgotten my pact to dress up, most likely bc I needed to wear my Tim’s due to the snow and other inclement weather.

Either way, I did see one of the 2 from the time before. There he was, filing stuff in his scrubs, when all of a sudden he looked up at me. In a matter of 3 seconds, he’d looked me in my eyes, winked, smiled, and disappeared.

WTF!! That’s probably what you’re thinking right now, since of course I didn’t see him the rest of the time there. If you’re not, I was.

Lastly, I have to tell you about Inauguration weekend. S Curl and I decided to hit up Love the Club (Dream) for their Friday night extravaganza wide-receiver(read, she had the hookup and got us free tickets). Anyway, so we’re there… Living the life, drinking it up, macking the crowd. Yall already KNOW how I get with a lil liquid courage! Lol! We took a break from tearing down the dance floor and were on our way back from the bar when I saw him. Y’all… let me tell you about this man. He was at least 6’4, gorgeous light bright dude with a ceasar cut, like a cut wide-receiver/corner back build… he was beautiful yall…… for real. AND YOU KNOW HE HAD SWT!!!

When I tell you that it was almost like the crowd split for us to see each other, I’m speaking nothing but truths. We made eye contact, we walk towards each other (slow motion movements baby! lol) and I hit him with the one finger come hither move! So he come hithers (of course lol), we exchange names, and I hit him with, “you should give me your number.” He does…

I wake up the next morning and realize I was so drunk I only put 6 digits in my Blackberry for his number. Clearly I never saw him again…

Whats wrong with me, yall??? Do I attract the loch ness monsters into my life???? Or is someone (ie God) enjoying himself a little too much when it comes to my love life? LMAO!




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5 03 2009

I’d just like to point out that Love the Club guy had everything to do with your inability to control your digits (read, fingers) while drunk and nothing to do with Lock Ness Monster syndrome, LOLOLOLOL 😛

But, I feel you pain. Pobresita, lol.

5 03 2009

* Correction: Loch Ness Monsters, lololol.

5 03 2009

welllll technically, it does have to do with my inability to type numbers when drunk, but in a very real sense, he’s still a Loch Ness Monster because no one else can verify his existence (S Curl was macking as well while this was going on lol) and I will never ever see that gorgeous man again! 😦

and dont worry… I originally had it “Lock” as well until I looked up the spelling to confirm and got the shock of a lifetime LOL (well not a lifetime, but of last night maybe lol)

5 03 2009

You’re right, for all we know you could have typed in 6 random numbers and made up the story . . . Loch Ness Status it is!

5 03 2009

shush it!!! LOL

5 03 2009

I truly believe in this theory. I think you shoud approach these encounters with a positive outlook. Maybe God is saying, “yeah. there are still some fine, working black men out there. don’t loose hope!” Or as I like to say “hold on!” To me a loch ness sighting in DC is a miracle. It’s like seeing a rainbow….giving you hope that “they” are still out there….lol. I know you can say the hope is ruined when they disappear, but we won’t think about that right now…lol. Maybe next time we can recognize it as a loch ness opportunity in advance and be careful not to let go…..jump on that opportunity….lol…Anyway, I would like the loch ness’ to start reappearing in my life b/c I haven’t seen any cuties in a minute. Damn 😦

5 03 2009

ha aha ha thanks for looking at the bright side PinotNoir… I see that someone is building a little optimism in her life 🙂

4 12 2009
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