It’s in the (Masquerade) Details*

3 03 2009

The day had finally come. I’d spent the last year anxiously anticipating it and the last 16 years being prepared for it, and now it was finally here. My debut. I was to debut with one of the krewes my mom debuted with as well when she was my age.

For years, I’d find myself amazed, looking at the pictures of her standing tall as queen, pearl white gown, large natchitochesqueenoverflowing headress, black hair flowing down hair back. She looked regal. In every picture, she wore the perfect smile, her white gloves hands positioned either crossed in front of her or elegantly waving to the crowd. And now it was my day.

Being from New Orleans, most of the girls in the city had their debutantes associated with Mardi Gras krewes. Their would be famous balls held every year, crowd up in arms, girls shining in their glory. But I wasn’t your typical debutante. I had initially rebelled against the idea after taking years of etiquette classes and participating in numerous courts as a child.

It wasn’t until I looked at my mom’s pictures again one late afternoon that I finally decided to give my parents what they wanted, and what I now wanted. Things would be different this time around, however. I did not want to be hot-pink-stilettosqueen, and most importantly I needed to have some semblance of the not so pure me with me. Finally, after much debate, my parents agreed to let me do something I never thought imaginable.

Underneath my pearl white dress, I would wear the most amazing hot pink stilettos you’d ever seen. No one would no but us, as my dress had the perfect hang time across the floor and you couldn’t see my shoes if you tried, but it helped me feel better. It helped me feel that despite it all, I was still me. I looked in the mirror at this girl, this woman to be and smiled.debutante

“Wow,” I thought. I can’t believe I was here, in this moment. I slowly slid into my shoes, gathered my dress at the ends so as not to fall coming out of my dressing room and walked out to meet my dad’s smiling face. This would truly be a night to remember.

* Just another attempt at strengthening my short story skills….




2 responses

15 03 2009

I love this!

16 03 2009

Thanks hon!!!! 🙂

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