Something New???

24 02 2009

A funny thing happened as I perused the internet for black love movies the other day… (Don’t tell the po po, by the way), I was able to find almost every modern black love movie, except one.

You know the black movies I’m talking about.

Love Jones

Love and Basketball

The Wood

The Brothers

Deliver Us From Eva

Daddy’s Little Girls

something-new2You get my drift… Movies with Sanaa or Gabby, Idris, Morris Chestnut, or whoever the hot black actor is at the time. I was able to find all those with no problem… But couldn’t and still can’t find Something New.

Odd, right? I mean Sanaa Lathan was in it, so it shouldn’t be that hard to find… But it is, and I have a theory as to why.

For more… READ HERE! (sorry, I had to do it… lol)




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24 02 2009

OK – first of all I don’t appreciate your bait and switch tactic, lolol. But I did read your other post, I’m just choosing to comment here.

I agree, that they don’t like the idea of it. I, for one, have no problem checking out the other teams, flirting with the starting five, and setting up a little RSS feed with the team captain (I soooo hope my parents don’t read this!). And, unfortunately, the issue of finding a black man becomes harder for black woman the more educated/further up the corporate ladder/more successful they become. At this point in my life, I’m looking for the person that I’m supposed to be with – and I think I’m more OK than many with the fact that it might be chocolate . . . or vanilla . . . or caramel . . . or some other tasty flavor!

And (I hate myself for saying this) I think that as more black women start accepting that, the more certain brothers will realize that we aren’t always going to be on “stand in” status and they’ll hopefully step their game up.

So brothers, recognize the precious jewels that you have in us Black women! And ladies, recognize that you are a precious jewel and that ANY man – black, white, whatever – will be extremely lucky to snag you 🙂

24 02 2009

ha aha ah… sorry! (I had to! lol)

and I completely agree on all points, although… you know, you’re more comfortable with the idea than I am lol. But I definitely think that Black men are WORRIED about women like you… they’re like oh no! They’ve gone over to the “light” side! LOL, even if it’s just more about the possibility than the actual fruition of it.

By the by, I thought about tagging this one CCB as well… but I figured it would be too obvious LOL

24 02 2009

Thanks for your discretion 😛

25 02 2009

LOL…. anytime!

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