Bad Boy Entertainment…

20 02 2009

“Beside every Bad Boy, there is a Bad Girl.” ~ Bad Boy Entertainment (specifically, the Total “Can’t You See” video)

Over at HONEY, I did a posting about bad boys/celebrity guys who may or may not have lost their edge by recently cutting their hair. (Yes, shameless plug, but I’m okay with that! Lol) But as I was working on that posting, another question hit me. What is it about a man with edge? Whether you want to call it swag, pizazz, spunk, oomph, whatever… there’s something about that certain something that continues to draw women to these men.badboyclub

So what is it?

Almost every girl I know will first of all probably deny this point. Most would tell you that they like the good guy, but they always find a way to put a caveat with that statement. They typically finish the statement with, “but not like a boring good guy,” or “but one with a little edge,” or anything similar to that. But what they don’t realize is that that caveat makes all the difference.

It proves a couple things.
1. It shows that our natural inclination is to associate good with boring. If this were not the case, a qualifier would never be needed. You don’t hear anyone say, “I like bad boys, but not boring ones,” do you? Of course you don’t! The assumption is that bad boys are inherently NOT boring.

2. The statements also show our desire for adventure. For the most part, my friends live very stable and straight-laced lives and while practically, a stable and straight-laced guy would probably more readily fit into their worlds, there’s a clear concern that there may be a lack of passion and fire in that relationship.

3. Which brings me to the most important point… every girl has a secret desire to be a bad girl.

So what do I really mean when I say bad boy? I don’t mean a guy out acting as a “street pharmacist” (although some women are drawn to them too), but typically I mean that guy who walks in a room and you can tell he has a bit of an edginess to him. Whether it’s that he’s a freak and you can tell by his demeanor and smile he’s gonna tear that BLEEP up, or that he’s got a little 50 cent in him, (Sidenote: I am about as far away from being a 50 fan as you can be, so please know that it pained me horribly to make that last comparison) we are consistently drawn in.  And the guys know it.

Lil Wayne
Trey Songz
Allen Iverson
Idris Elba
Formerly Usher

passionAll these men have it and know it. Its that thing. That “orange aura” as Dave Chapellewould say or that “ego” as Beyonce would say. It’s that something that makes them interesting and keeps us beside them, bringing out our bad girl persona and every woman’s desire for FLAIR! Now, you may not agree as to the men examples I chose… but you gotta admit my points are right, right ladies?




2 responses

20 02 2009

Hey pingback!

And you know you want a man with a little fitty in him . . . well, at leas the magic stick, lolol.

Now I know why I always get blamed for this stuff . . .

Anyway – everybody should know my opinion on the matter (swagger on a hundred thousand trillion). Unfortunately, most nice guys don’t have that swagger. And the ones that do have it usually have a trick (or lots) of their sleeves, which means they ain’t so nice. Which puts us right back where we started. With the bad boys.

20 02 2009

ohhhh those baaaad boys! lol

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