Sweet like HONEY!

17 02 2009



Y’all remember Honey Magazine????? I certainly do… and I also remember being soo SAD when they folded. It’s the same way I felt when Vibe Vixen went down as well… I mean, damn! Can we please have an “urban” magazine that caters to a younger woman audience??? I love Essence like the next girl, but sometimes I want to read the kind of stuff that’s in Cosmo and Glamour and Marie Claire… and many times, they just dont quite understand our culture when it comes to sex, relationships, fashion, and politics.
That’s why I am sooooo happy to tell y’all that Honey is BACK! Not only are they back, but your girl is blogging for them!!! Wooo hooo!!!!! (Veronica inspired me with her multiple blogs, what can I say?! lol)… Anyway, please check me out whenever you get a chance. Stay reading this site, because trust, the posting will still continue here, but you know… head over there sometimes too!
Love ya!!!!!!!



2 responses

17 02 2009

OMG! I was just on Honey and I saw “Got Sole”… and I was like… “Is someone biting off of Darby?” But no, it’s you! YAAAAAY!

Oh, and yes, thank you, thank you. My multiblogging is good for something. Lol. :o)

18 02 2009

LOL…. yay I’m glad you were on there!! And found my blog on there… and had my bizack if it wasnt ME! lolololol…. but it IS me, so YAY again!!! I hope you’ll be frequenting there as well, Ms. V!

(although, I do have to warn, there WILL be some double posting… you know how it is! lol)

and of course, your multiblogging is good for soooo many different thangs! 🙂

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