Treats for my Sweets (ie my readers)…

13 02 2009

also known as….

HAPPY Early Valentines DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last couple years of Valentine’s Days have been fairly non-romantic for me. During some of them, I had someone in my life… but he wasnt exactly Valentine’s material. During one, I was just plain single, and during another, I’d recently lost a boyfriend and wasnt particularly in the mood to celebrate love. And yet, each time it came around, something in me perked up and wanted to do….. something.

I guess this is where I should admit that I’m a holiday person. I love holidays, birthdays, celebrations in general. I like the idea of celebrating the people you love/enjoy in your life on a special day, even though I do it with them everyday. So even though, several close friends of mine are anti-Valentines for their own valid reasons, I. am. not. Not even close.heartnailpolish

I’m one of those people that takes the time to paint my nails red and white (and dont judge me, but this year, I’m thinking of seeing how I can paint hearts on my nails). One of those people that when single, takes the day to pamper myself, listen to mood music, and just have a great time celebrating my love… FOR ME!!! And I’m also one of those people when I’m with someone, I just love spending time with them on that day… it’s not about monetary things for me on Valentine’s (nor any other celebratory day). I like thoughtful things… and as one of my co-workers said to me today, it’s about doing something that means something to you for someone else.

What does that mean, right? For example, let’s say I was dating Baby (shout out to Leah and CCB lol) and he bought me a diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day…. I probably wouldnt think that necklace is all that special because he can do that and probably has done that for just anyone. BUT… if he chose to fly home and spend a quiet night home with me, that would be special because that would probably be something we dont do very often.

Anyway, with all that said… and keeping all those thoughts in mind, I wanted to do something to celebrate the love I have for my readers. You guys keep me going and keep me inspired on numerous occassions. Sure, not all of you comment (ahem lol) or you comment on places other than the blog (double ahem lol), BUT with the help of the beautiful stats section on wordpress… I know you’re here (and hopefully reading everytime you come back. that one gets no lol, because I’m serious). But the question remained, what could I do, that was meaningful, that really showed my appreciation for each and every one of you.

I can’t give each and every one of you a massage… although if I could, you would love me forever, cuz your girl is SICK with her hands (thankyouverymuch lol). I can’t kiss you all, I can’t spend time with you, and I can’t buy you gifts… so what can I do????


pen-793007On a night when the last thing that I wanted to do was write, thats what I did Thursday night so that I could give you all a post on Friday. It’s simple, but meaningful, because it’s also indicative of my promise to continue writing, even on days when I dont want to, even on days when all I want to do is crawl in the bed and snuggle with Bobby the bear, I will write… because the thousands of people that have visited this blog so far mean so much to me. I appreciate yall.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh and feel free to go here… if you want to see one of my earlier blog posts about Valentine’s Day and a bonus “mellow moods” playlist for the lovers out there! LMAO!




5 responses

13 02 2009

I appreciate you’re writing and I still hate Valentine’s day. To celebrate, I’m wearing all black at work today 😀 And, I STILL don’t understand why I had to buy Valentine’s for the kids I didn’t play with in school . . . I’m just sayin’!

Happy Valentine’s Day (since you love it so much, I hope you enjoy it :))

13 02 2009

Well, I dont know why you had to buy Valentine’s for kids you didnt play with… that doesnt make much sense to me, but hey I didnt go to your school.

but thanks for the Happy Valentine’s (esp since you hate it so much lol)

13 02 2009

Because the rule (whether school or Wy-loc’s) was that you had to get a Valentine for everybody in the class if you were giving them out. I would have preferred not to give any, ha ha ha.

15 02 2009

Thank you for writing when you didn’t feel like it! Love you and the blog.
a fan who leaves comments (ahem lol)

17 02 2009

ha ha ah thank YOU Katrina!!!! I love you too!!! 🙂

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