Randumb ISH

5 02 2009

I had a couple thoughts running through my mind, but I didnt think they each deserved their own posting… so instead… hey, you get a randumb post! I know… you love it…. ūüôā

1. Why is it that EVERYTIME I go to the grocery store, I get hit on my by some bum looking dude. Like seriously… it never. fails. EVER. There I’ll be walking down the aisles, minding my own business, trying not to deviate too much from my list, and all of a sudden I’ll hear it. “Hey beautiful.” “How you doing sweetness.” “Whats up ma.” “Eh, you grocery shopping for me?” (and yes, I have heard every single one of those). And once again, I have to look into that bum man’s face and lie to the depths of my soul. Anyone who knows me knows I cant lie worth shit… but wesley-snipessomehow I find a way to¬†do it in these situations. Maybe it’s God’s way of saying,¬†“this is the only time it’s okay.” At least thats what helps me lol

2. How¬†come Obama’s picks keep having this nasty little problem with paying their taxes? I mean, really? Who knew there were so many politicians with the same amnesia problem as Mr. Big and Wesley Snipes… let’s see how fast they go to jail.

3. I think I really have a problem when it comes to Straight White Teeth. I’ve talked about how important it was to me before, but it really hit me the other night in 2¬†separate occassions. The first instance was in watching the¬†post show¬†of the Superbowl. I was laughing with¬†Diamond Princess and noticed that Santonio Holmes had what I first concluded was a very nice SWT smile.¬†Immediately, I was enamored, raving about how cute he was and I hadnt realized it before…. and then, I saw the bottom row. sigh… oh that bottom row, it just ruined everything.¬†And worst, it¬†gave me flashbacks to Jeepers Creepers. The next thing I knew, Santonio Holmes had¬†completely lost all his allure… and this was all in¬†less than a 5 minute span.

The second instance came a little while later. Diamond Princess and I were talking about guys that we’ve dated and how some of them didnt start out as guys that we thought were drop dead gorgeous, but became more attractive to us the¬†more we knew about them. She mentioned some examples, and then I started listing mine… and you know what grew on me with all the guys who I didnt initially have a stroke over? Their smile!¬†Each example… I¬†grew to love his smile and that was more than enough for me. Isnt that crazy?! lol… thats a problem that a SWT smile can do so much for me… I blame that on Jon Jon. He started that¬†ish!rush_limbaugh

4. What do you think would happen if Michelle Obama ran into Rush Limbaugh in a dark alley and he had no way of knowing it was her behind him? You think she would hurt him? Or play it classy?… whats your over/under on her giving him at least one strike to the back of the head? (Or do you think there’s no way he wouldnt know it was her, because she’d smell like Motions and cocoa butter LOL)

5. Howard is now a part of the PINK line!!! Wooo hoooo!!!! howard-hoodie2


BONhes_just_not_that_into_youUS (a quote to help get you ready for the movie, He’s Just Not that Into You, opening on Friday)

When it comes to men, deal with us as we are, not how you’d like us to be. I know it’s an infuriating concept– that men like to chase and you have to let us chase you. I know. It’s insulting. It’s frustrating. It’s unfortunately the truth. My belief is that if you have to be the aggressor, if you have to pursue, if you have to do the asking out, nine times out of ten, he’s just not that into you. ~ Greg Behrendt




4 responses

5 02 2009

Ummm not an over under on Michelle whooping Rush’s ass.

5 02 2009

what? you think thats inapropriate or something? LOL

7 02 2009

No, that’s not inappropriate, MOTIONS AND COCOA BUTTER is inappropriate! What’s wrong wit’ you, chile? Lmao!

(Oh, and please post that Greg Behrendt quote on every Facebook wall, Myspace page and WordPress blog possible. Because if I get one more girlfriend telling me I need to chase after a man….)

9 02 2009

ha ha aha… in my defense, it’s a Katt Williams quote! Buuuuuut I guess I did reiterate the quote lol

and girl, it’s soooooo TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

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