Let’s Roll*

29 01 2009

“Let’s roll,” he said, with all the confidence of a man who was used to this type of thing. I mean, I wasn’t trippin, but he really did seem like the prospect of this one night stand was absolutely no sweat off his back. Like he did this every night or something.

“Okay, get it together,” I told myself. “This is something you’ve wanted for awhile now with this guy,” or at least I said I did.

I looked up at him, hand stretched out, waiting for me to get out of my seat and go with him. And yet it took me minutes, probably hours to actually take his hand. Okay. it was probably more like seconds, but in those seconds, I contemplated so many things.

What if its not worth it, I thought. Wait, what if he thinks I’m no good afterwards. Okay, that’s wasn’t really an option, but you never know.

I didn’t stop there. What if he secretly had a camera waiting to film our encounter and I would forever be known as a real video girl to his friends? And would he think of me as a whore after?

I just couldn’t stop myself. On and on I thought, as I fidgeted in my chair and knocked together my new Jessica Simpson booties that had given js-bootsme the confidence to even be in this position in the first place. “Okay,” I said aloud, halfway to him and halfway to myself as an indicator that my feet should start moving and force my body to get out of the seat.

I looked back at him, and when he smiled at me with his beautiful straight white teeth, I knew I’d made the right decision for me. Giving him my hand, I allowed him to help me up from the plush brown leather couch that had engulfed me in its presence.

He gestured to his boy and we walked to the closet where my coat hang… so that we could leave and go to his place. I slid my coat on, looked at him one more time to reassure myself, then looked at my girl who was cheesing at my opportunity. Right, I remembered… I wanted this.

The moments in the car seemed endless. He’d strategically put on some Shai to set the mood right, but I kept thinking how I probably needed more than some shoe courage to pull this feat off. I needed some liquid courage asap, and I wasn’t too sure I would get any before the deed would begin.

Soon after these thoughts ran through my head, we pulled into his driveway, and for a moment, I was good. He looked my way, winked and said, “you’re okay, right?” “Yeah, I’m good,” I replied, sort of convincing myself. “Alright then.” And with that, he turned the car off, opened his door and jumped out, and before I knew it, he was on my side of the car, opening my passenger door. Was my jump off a gentleman as well?

We walked to the front door of his house and as soon as we’d entered the foyer, he turned to me with that same confidence he’d had before we left. “Take your clothes off,” he said, half whispering but still with a sense of command. Well, that gentleman question got answered pretty quickly.

I looked down at my clothes underneath my coat. I stood there in front of him with a white tank top, suspenders, skinny jeans, and heels… And he was asking, no wait, telling me to take everything off. Before we’d even reached the couch. Before I even got a tour of the house. Damn lol.

“Take off your clothes,” he said a little louder this time and walked closer to me, as if the reason I hadn’t started before was because I didn’t hear him.

“I..I… Don’t know if I can do this.” I began fidgeting again… these damn heels, I thought. What once gave me such confidence earlier in the night was now prohibiting me from making a break and running outside to get away from this awkward situation. Note to self, 4 inch heels are not the thing to wear when you’re not sure of what your actions will be later on that night.200500755-001

We both stood in silence for minutes that felt like hours, but were actually probably seconds again. I fidgeted, he looked dumb struck, and then he broke the silence with one word… “okay.” With that, he’d ended the awkward moment as he walked back to his front door and gestured me back towards the car. I stared at those damn shoes the whole ride back to my friends house. I would never live this one down.

* Just another attempt at strengthening my short story skills….




6 responses

29 01 2009

Good job! Keep it UP! So far so good, keep improving and the sky is the limit. I like how u centered the story around the shoes!
Loving the blog…

29 01 2009

thanx boo!

1 02 2009

Was my jump off a gentleman as well? <–my favorite line lol

2 02 2009

lolol @ Katrina!

3 02 2009

Co-sign with Katrina. Lol!

Dang, I thought we was gonna get some action up in here. Ah well… maybe next time. Lol.

3 02 2009

Well, Veronica… you know, I had to switch it up a little this time. lol

and who knew that line would be so funny to everyone!? LMAO!

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