Helloooo Mr. President

22 01 2009

“Walk on. Walk on. With hope in your heart. And you’ll never walk alone. You’ll never walk alone.”

On Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, my sister and I (with a bunch of our friends) journeyed to the National Mall to watch the first Black President take the oath of office. I know that sounds like I’m trying to make it seem all lofty and thangs, but trust me… this walk to the Capitol from Howard University was no joke. We walked and we walked and we walked… and for some reason that song, You’ll Never Walk Alone started playing in my head. Because as we were walking to see this historical event, others joined us. For miles and miles, all you could see were people making their s6300039way by foot, because they just had to be there. They had to see the inauguration of a man who was providing so much hope for a new generation and so much joy and realized accomplishment for another one.

I can’t even begin to explain to you how we felt that day. We woke up around 5 am, tired, not wanting to get up and deal with the cold and the crowd, but we knew if we didnt go, we’d be soooo mad at ourselves. And so we got up. And we walked from Howard to U Street to meet the rest of the crew (for those who’ve never been to DC, it was about 10 city blocks up from my sister’s dorm). We passed by the famed Ben’s Chili Bowl and took pictures in front of their colorful ice sculpture that read, “OBAMA.” Being that close to Ben’s hit me for a second because of a sad connection I have with the place, but the joy of the day took over and we were back on our way.

We met up with the other girls, one so sick from the weekend, that she was wrapped up in a blanket plus her coat and layers, but as she said… she just couldnt miss this. We walked… onto 18th Street, where we knew we’d be able to make a left and walk the next approximately 2 miles to get to our destination. The funny thing was that as much as we knew we’d see an influx of people… we didnt really KNOW until we saw. This picture can’t even begin to describe how many people we saw.

s6300076And when we got there, it only made it that much more real. There we were, in a crowd full of strangers singing This Land is Our Land and America the Beautiful… (using the closed caption on the screen as if it were Karaoke lol), waiting for that moment. People were just so excited. Everytime they showed him on the screen, the crowd would chant, “Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama.”

That European visit had nothing on us! lol

But it wasnt until I saw Michelle walk out that it became sooo real. I mean, it was real before… but this time it was really really real. Michelle and Barack Obama were going to be OUR next First Family. My President is Black…. and not only is he Black, but he’s AMAZING!

At one point, he said, “Hello America…” and the crowd answered back, “Hello Mr. President.” (*at least where I was they did) and I was done.

Hello Mr. President indeed. It’s been well worth the wait… and I surely hope we wont let him walk alone.




2 responses

22 01 2009
Floyd Mitchell

Great story!!! It truly was a day to remember. Braving the cold and the crowd…it was all worth it.

22 01 2009

Thanks!!! and yeah it was soooo worth it… even though I’m pretty sure I caught a cold from it. ugh! LOL

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