Steve Madden: Lost and Found

18 01 2009

Okay, so for some reason these shoes look white in the picture, but they’re not… they are Grey. And sooooo cute! I saw them like a month or so ago at this Christmas Party I went to with Diamond Princess and S Curl. As soon as I saw them, I was like… oh I’ve got to have those. So I asked the lady where she got them from… “Steve Madden,” she says. Great. So I look up Steve Madden a couple days later… no shoes! Aghhhhhhhhhhh, what was I going to do? I needed those shoes…

Well, dear readers… the shoes have been FOUND. At Marshalls, of all places… and for only $30!!!!!! They come in grey and red patent leather AND the insole has a little padding!!! 3 1/2 inch sole, but for those who dont think they can walk in a heel with a lot of height, the thickness of the heel should make it a little easier. If you dont have a Marshalls around you, you can also find the Steve Madden IMPEREALs on Zappos, but they’re selling them for $89.




2 responses

19 01 2009
mama's got moxie

too funny!! i was just about to buy these shoes last friday at marshall’s. i thought they were just too too cute, but almost too too girly for me. 😉 if that makes any sense at all. haha…

22 01 2009

wow! that is funny. but you should definitely go back and get them. They are pretty girly, but I think you can make them kinda funky too! Go go go go go go go!!!! (how you like them peer pressure apples? lol)

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