Going Backwards

16 01 2009

Can’t do it. Can’t fuckin’ do it. They can’t do it. Can’t do it. Can’t do it. Can’t fuckin’ do it. ~ Chris Rock on whether women can go backwards or not.

As you can well tell by the opening quote, Chris Rock doesn’t believe women can go backwards. What does he mean by that? His theory (which he so eloquently speaks about in his new stand up, Kill the Messenger) is that women, once they’ve become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, can’t see themselves going back to what they had before. They start dating a guy with a car? Can’t go back to a man who’s sporting the public transportation pass. Own a home? Can’t go back to living in an apartment. Buy a queen sized bed? Can’t go back to sleeping on a twin. Of course, the looking-backwardsbasis of this theory is that the women had the lesser thing before, but that when they get the nicer thing, what was once okay… eh, it aint so much anymore.

This theory then translates into relationships for women… according to Rock, of course lol. He believes that once a woman dates a certain caliber guy, she’s not settling for anything less. Interesting theory, to say the least. And while, sure it was just a joke, I’ve heard people say things similar about women without realizing.

Haven’t you at one point heard someone wax poetic about how Beyonce has ruined herself because where does she go after dating Jay Z? I have, and I’ve heard the same thing said about Kim Porter and Diddy. Hell, I’ve heard people say similar things about regular folks like us! Lol…

Now these people don’t mean aesthetically, that Beyonce can’t get any better than Jay. I mean, Lord knows that’s any easy enough task… They mean lifestyle was. She’d be hard pressed to find someone who can give her what he can… That’s black… And not gay.

But what does that mean? Does that necessarily mean that women, Beyonce included, would then stay in that relationship because they know it may be harder to date someone new and not go backwards? Or does that mean, she’ll demand at least what she got from the last guy with the new guy?

Rock doesn’t leave men out of the going backwards discussion, though… So ladies, don’t get too feisty. Lol. His point about men is that while women can’t go backwards in lifestyle, men can’t go backwards sexually. Once they’ve had 56677478fellatio (don’t u loooove how I used the technical term?), they’re not going back to digital action… At least not without the fellatio attached to it.

Both of these theories, you could argue, are blatant generalizations about the opposite sexes and don’t take into account personal intricacies that individuals may have. Yet, something in me thinks he may be dead on with his assessment… I mean, I may not care too much about the difference between a guy owning his place and a guy with an apartment right now, but I’ll be damned if I try and sleep 2 to a twin bed in a dorm ever again in life! Lol

What do you guys think? And is there something that you wouldn’t go back to now that you’ve had better. Hell, I just thought of another example for myself! Lol… I haven’t been able to eat Subway after tasting the toasty deliciousness of Quiznos… even after Subway starting trying to toast or made their sandwiches $5, I just can’t do it! Can’t f-in do it!




4 responses

16 01 2009

First, I love how you cursed in your quote but not your last line. Hilarious, lol.

Me personally (I HATE when people say that, so I had to do it), I think Chris is dead on in his assessment. There are definitely certain things that women (and men) get accustomed to (be it owning a house or car, fancy restaurants, nice clothes, etc.). But I think that for me, a lot of it has to do with the non-monetary items. We both know that monetarily, Voldy wasn’t working with too much, lol – but he does know how to treat a lady. So, I find myself getting incredibly annoyed by a man who doesn’t hold the door or walk on the outside of the sidewalk or take my hand over an icy patch. Things that were inherently a part of Voldy’s nature. So, I could probably deal w/ a man w/o a car (hey, he might live in the city and have no need for a vehicle) or one who rented an apartment but it would be a deal breaker if didn’t hold the door for me (at least in the beginning, lol).

And, in some ways I kind of think that’s worse. Because a lot of guys think they can skate buy with out being a gentlemen or having manners. And, it sucks for them because on a lot of girls they can. But, because I used to date a chivalrous man it usually won’t fly with me. A guy might not be able to help his living situation and I can understand that. You can help your manners.

OK – enough babbling. Besides, chivalry is a whole other post, lol!

16 01 2009

ha aha ah oh yeah… it would be YOU to call me out about that! lol

but I do agree with you about the fact that it’s just as difficult, if not more, to go backwards, once you’ve experienced the way a guy should treat you. Or at least I would hope that it would be for most women and men.

28 01 2009

Darby, I laughed my ass off when you said digital action! I actually had to stop and think for a second and piece it together…great use of English.

29 01 2009

lol glad you enjoyed yourself!

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