Goodbye Mr. Bush

14 01 2009

Dear Mr. Clinton,

I want you to stop the killing in the city. People is dead and I think that somebody might kill me. Would you please stop the people from deading? I’m asking you nicely to stop it. I know you can do it. Do it now. I know you can.

You’re friend,


Years ago, I wrote an editorial that talked about a letter that a little boy from New Orleans, LA wrote to President Clinton asking Clinton to keep his community safe. I said in the editorial, although sadly the little boy died soon after from gun violence, it showed the connection that the Black community held with President Clinton. At that time, the Black community generally saw something in this man that resonated with them. More importantly, I said… that connection could never be with President Bush, even though he held many of the same Evangelical beliefs that many in the Black community agree with.

bye-bushThis was pre-Katrina, pre-Kanye’s famed outburst announcing that “Bush doesnt like Black people,” but it wasnt pre-the sentiment. The sentiment was pretty much there from the beginning, no matter how hard his administration tried to campaign themselves as compassionate Conservatives that danced to Motown at Inaugurations. And while the world watched his response to 911, his response to the economy, and particularly his response to Katrina… President Bush never seemed fazed. He stood there at his press conferences, greys growing in his hair, furrowed brow, but not fazed. Never apologetic… and still never resonating with the Black community.

In reality, there probably wasnt much he could have done, but he certainly didnt start off well. He ignored most requests by Black organizations for speaking engagements, he ignored the cries of the public saying that the economy was going to shits and the education system… well, any teacher can tell you just how well No Child Left Behind is working.

Now, his administration is working on the incorrigible task of trying to solidify his legacy. They’ve put out a book that tells us 100 things he’s done to help that we don’t know about or remember; they’re making their talk show rounds, and Bush is making his final speeches… and it’s still not convincing. Sure, he’s helped make the transition fairly smooth for President-Elect Barack Obama, but that’s mostly because he’s backed away from being President months ago… how much credit should one get for doing that?

Let me tell you– and Mr. Bush– what I will remember him for. His legacy will be that of a President who never quite got it… he didnt get that he obama-changewas supposed to be for the people, he didnt understand that most of us (hopefully) cared less about marriage so-called being defiled by gay marriage and more about the fact that children all over this country were dying. He didnt get that he could never have received a letter from someone like James… because if all President Bush represents is violence. Why would you go to him to ask for it to end?

He will be remembered as what it took for Barack Obama to be named President. So Goodbye Mr. Bush… oh and thank you for your legacy. By the looks of it (and the 5 million estimated people coming into the city for HIS Inauguration), we may just have a president who gets letters and can do something about those letters. Wouldnt that be great?

PS: His most recent comments about Katrina dont help either.

Oh! and check out his last press conference too…… more proof that he just doesnt get it.




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