Is it Wrong to…???

8 01 2009

Alright, y’all tell me… I think there are a few things that I do that people might say are technically “wrong,” but maybe once I give you explanations, you’ll agree with me. If not, well you know, hey, people have disagreed with me before and it won’t be the last time.

I have a sneaking suspension though, that you’ll probably agree with me… Right? Lol

Scenario #1
Is it wrong… to lie to a stranger? You know, if he’s harassing you? For example, the other day, on my way to the grocery store, this man tried to approach me as I stepped out of the metro station.

“Excuse me, u have a cigarette,” he asked.

“No,” I said. And kept it moving, you know cuz its DC, I don’t cohort with the locals too too much. Sorry, but its true lol. grocery-store

“Excuse me. Excuse me.”

Was this man calling after me again? I promptly ignored him and walked into the grocery store.
I was in the store for maybe 5 minutes, when this same man walks up to me again and says, “excuse me, I was calling after you earlier outside.”

“Right,” I said, as I continued walking. “I didn’t have a cigarette.”

“Yeah, well now I wanted to ask you if you thought I was attractive and if you might give me your number.”

“Um,” I continued walking. “I have a boyfriend already.”

Now, y’all know good and damn well… I don’t have a boyfriend, but what else was I supposed to say to the creepy grocery store stalker to get him to leave me alone without him thinking I was trying to be disrespectful. So yes, I lied… and about my relationship status too, but was it really wrong? Or more a necessary evil?

Scenario #2
Is it wrong to…  Ignore phone calls based on what tv show is on? Okay that sounds bad, but listen… Certain shows are just harder to watch while on the phone! Some are easy. Like, I wouldn’t ignore someone’s call because, say, The damagesSecret Life of the American Teenager is on, but I mean, not much conversation would take place if say, Damages or Grey’s Anatomy is on. All you’d probably hear if I were to answer would be, “wait, hold on… Huh? Wait, let me call you back” so, really you know, I’m just saving that caller time and energy LOL.  Disclaimer: That was not a dig against Secret Life, I love the show… just doesn’t need as much concentration as other shows, that’s all.

Now is that wrong or is it slightly considerate of your time? 🙂

Scenario #3
Is it wrong to… Flirt aimlessly with people, I mean no desire to get with that person, like at all. I admit, it may seem a little misleading, but I think of flirting like dancing… Its really not personal in all situations. For example, if I’m dancing with a guy at the club, does that necessarily mean I want to make him my man? Absolutely not. So then why would flirting with him mean that I want him to be my man. A girl is just enjoying pleasant conversation lol

Now is that wrong or is it just being friendly?

Soooo guys, what are some things yall do that may technically be considered  wrong… but you KNOW are just necessary evils sometimes.




4 responses

8 01 2009

I’m probably the wrong person to ask because I engage in all three of those things, lol. Especially the third, lol. And, apparently, I have a reputation as a flirt, although I think I’m just naturally friendly.

The other thing that I tend to “fib” (lie sounds so dirty!) about is work stuff. Overall, I am pretty busy at work, but if somebody asks me to do something that a) a more junior person should be doing or b) I flat out don’t want to do – I tend to make myself sound super, duper, extra busy. I’m pretty sure that you’re more than capable of ordering a baby gift for a client or setting up a business lunch yourself. And, since I’m not paid to be your secretary, I’m not doing it.

Oh – and I fib about the girl who cuts my hair. I say somebody else did it because I don’t want anybody else going to Jai- errr, Jessica.

8 01 2009

No. No. And No.

And I’m mad that you actually feel kinda bad about the first one. “I have a boyfriend” is in my everyday vernacular. Lol. It’s much more polite than, “Ew, you look like my uncle.”

(I attract the old ones. I don’t know why.)

8 01 2009

I don’t think anything is particularly wrong with any of those. Then again, I think I may engage in all three of them so…

By the way:

“No,” I said. And kept it moving, you know cuz its DC, I don’t cohort with the locals too too much. Sorry, but its true lol.

LMAO. I’m mad you wrote that. You ARE a local now. *runs*

8 01 2009

well I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who does these things… although I’m not sure if thats says something good about me or something bad about yall? LOL

@ CCB, I dont know how I feel about all these li– I mean fibs you have going on here LOL… but since this was the is it REALLY wrong post, I’ll let you slide LOL

@ V… I dont really feel bad about the “I have a boyfriend” thing, I just wonder if it lie about it too often, will that stifle the progression to getting a real one again LOL

@ M… oh for reals?!?!?!!?! I’m a local now?!?! Okay…. *runs after Michael real quick* LMAO! AND just so you know, Louisiana voting registration would disagree with you 🙂

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