Memo to My Bruthas

19 12 2008

Texting is NOT how you get to know someone.texting

You would think this would be an obvious assertion, right? You’d be wrong. Over the past couple months, my friends and I have unwittingly found ourselves in text-land. Its like the freaking twilight zone!

Here’s how the typical interaction goes: Girl meets boy, girl gives boy her number, waits the expected yet stupid amount of days that guys wait to call… But instead of a call on that 2nd or 3rd day, she receives a text message. Really? A text message? What part of the game is that?!

Now, the message can range in length but is usually fairly simple. “Hey,” or “what’s up ma” or maybe even an “how are you?” will randomly come through one day, no name or other signifying character attached. It is then up to the woman, I suppose, to ask who the hell is texting her, at which point the guy informs her (as if she was supposed to know from the beginning) and then proceeds to try and hold a conversation over text message.

no-cell-phoneUmmmmm, I’m sorry, but that gets a big fat ass hell NO!

The first time it happened, I thought the guy was just weird, but harmless and after being slightly stalked by jeepers creepers, that was welcoming. But what I wasn’t going to do was entertain the madness, so slowly the text messages ended. The same happened with my girl, S Curl… She met a guy who refused to call her (he said calling was a big step for him), but he would text her constantly. Something just seems funny about that to me.

Thinking these 2 losers were the exceptions, I continued on. Until I spoke with more of my friends and finally came to the conclusion that this shit was the new trend! So really… I’m truly confused. What part of the game is this? You know, I’m not opposed to a lil texting every once in awhile. Heck, I keep in touch with a good number of friends through a good Blackberry ping or two… BUT I know these people already.

Fellas… Thoughts: were these guys the exception or is this becoming a trend? Ladies, how long would you entertain a guy who texted you constantly but didn’t call? And would you start assuming he had some things he wanted to hide…




4 responses

20 12 2008

Wait, wait….

“He said calling was a big step for him.”

What kind of corn-fuckery is this?!

I’m sorry. I got offended.

20 12 2008

Yes girl!!!! Straight tomfoolery!!!!!!!!!!

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