Winter Bunny Phenomenon

8 12 2008

It’s something about the winter months that make people start to get antsy. I suppose it could be the idea of wanting someone to call in case it snows, so you can have a cuddle buddy. Or maybe it’s the whole idea of watching chestnuts roasting on an open fire or something with someone you like, even if you dont have someone you love. But whatever it is, people start coming out of nowhere as soon as November hits. Well… by snowpeople, I mean men. But since I wont assume that only men do this, I’ll go ahead and say people to include women as well lol.

Anyway, it seems like this is a yearly phenomenon. I guess you could call it similar to a summer fling, except that usually you rely on meeting someone new in a summer fling. Every winter bunny victim I know has been approached by a person from her past.  And not always a significant person from her past either.

Case in point: last week, I received a text message from this guy I met at a club last year. We literally talked about a week before things fizzled out and I moved onto someone better. He was a trucker, so of course since my friends and I operate on nicknames, immediately his name became Trucker Guy. However, for some unknown reason, I put his real name in address book. Dope move if I ever heard of one because I had no idea who he was for the first couple texts.

TG: fell lik putting out?

Me: Who is this?

TG: Who dis?

Me: U texted me!

TG: Whas ur name?tg

Me: Ok, stop. Who is this? And do you normally go around texting random folks?

TG: U on my sim so I have ur number! So u jus giv ur number out 2 random people?

Me: seriously

TG: LOL, it was just a joke. Now say ur sorry and use ur since ov hummer

(clearly, you’ve noticed by now that the man can’t spell… we won’t even GET into that right now). But he went on to explain to me that he was Trucker Guy from last year and was curious as to what I was up to these days. Seriously? I havent talked to you in over a year, sir? But he’s just one. Then there’s the ex that emailed me out of the blue and does so EVERY winter, basically to see if I’m single this winter for when I go home for vacation and will inevitably see him. The list goes on and on. Men who contact me come the winter time– ranging from random guys who live in the DC area to old boyfriends who are trying to see when I’m coming home. It’s actually pretty ridiculous.

Especially since I’m not the only one it happens to. I’ve talked to plenty of my girls and they say the same thing always happens to them. They will most certainly get at least 2 or 3 random contacts from past guys during the winter time to “see what’s up?” Depending on the guy it can be kind of endearing, but one should always remember a few set rules if she decides to participate in the winter bunny game:

1. Dont expect this to last past March… after-all, it’s called WINTER bunny for a reason

2. No catching feelings… your cuddling must stay strictly physical in intimacy

3. Therefore, you’re not allowed to use anyone with whom you still have feelings… you will be sorely disappointed come March if you do so.

4winter-bunny. No platonic boyfriends either

5. You are however, allowed and encouraged to use a Brody!

So ladies (and gentlemen), if you’re finding yourself falling victim to the winter bunny phenomenon, remember to abide by the rules… and make sure he can SPELL! ugh 😦




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11 12 2008
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