Men a la Carte…

4 12 2008

Now yall know that I’m all about fair play turnaround, so when I did a post on the types of women, you had to have known that a types of men post was coming.

Well, here it is.

Despite the fact that some people think I’ve encountered my fair share of different types of men, to the point that I could automatically come up with 5 types like I did with the women… I haven’t and I didn’t. So, I researched (read: typed in types of men in google) and found some interesting articles.

But really, I was left kinda feeling the same way I did after reading the women articles. Either the guys I knewkanye-west weren’t represented or they were split up into different characters. A lot of articles just tried to split them up into alpha and beta males, but then where would you put a Kanye West in that split? He has some beta tendencies in that he’s not afraid to share his feelings and he has mood swings, but who here thinks he wouldn’t shake a B if he thought she needed it? Lol

Here are the ones I finally came up with:

Perfect on paper: This guy is probably the hardest to figure out. He’s every girl’s dream… most likely ambitious, confident, attractive and has whatever other qualities you’ve always personally said you wanted in a man. He’s what you design if you were given the opportunity to build a man from scratch… EXCEPT that there’s something missing from him that makes him juuuuust not right. Whether it’s that he’s flakey and has a serious dankissdruff problem OR that he has a commitment problem and has never been faithful to a woman before… there’s just something about him, that makes him Perfect only on paper. If that one thing isnt a deal breaker for you though,  it could be really great… but if it is, probably best to stay away from this perfect prize.

Playboy: He’s the charmer, the one who makes the girls’ hearts melt just by smiling his gorgeous Straight White Teeth smile. If you’re in a relationship with him, you’ll most likely feel like the queen of the ball whenever you’re with him. But be careful, as many women have probably felt the same way as well… possibly at the same time as you do.

Homieloverfriend, ie: Great friend/ horrible boyfriend: Now, I dont mean this in the way R. Kelly sings about the homieloverfriend… I mean, the friend who would make a great boyfriend, except that he would be a HORRIBLE boyfriend. You ever have that friend that all your friends wonder why you’ve never dated? He’s FOINE, he makes you laugh, he’s your BFF… and thats pretty much why you dont think you could ever do anything with him. Talk about knowing too much about someone. This is the guy you stay friends with soyes-man he can tell you what guys NOT to get with… cuz they’re like him!

Yes man: If ever there was a guy trying to please his woman to the utmost, this is the guy. He’ll give you everything you need. He’ll make sure you’re always right. Heck, you might even be pampered and pleased… but at some point, you may realize that he just always say YES! And maybe thats what you want, dreamlover… but this guy would sooo not work for an Alpha female.

Okay, so clearly I ran out of guy types… told ya 5 would be more difficult for this one. Who do YOU think I’m missing here?




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