Situation PSA

26 11 2008

Okay girls, let me just say something to you here. If a man EVER EVER EVER gets on national television and refers to you as his situation, considerable or not… Get the funk out of whatever it is y’all are doing. Like now. No. Really.

(Refer to minute 5:26 for the egregious offense on the video.)

Now, chances are that you’re probably laughing right now. Keekeeing it up… talking about how TI just played the ish out of Tiny. But what would your guy say you are to him if asked by a random woman? Would he say y’all are in a relationship, or would he pull a facebook and say “it’s complicated.” Shoot, I already know at least 50% of y’all have been someone’s friend before, if you aren’t right now.

So this is a simple PSA: please know your role. You’re way too special and beautiful to become some man’s situation…. You’re welcome 🙂




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26 11 2008



2 12 2008
*mama with all dat moxie*

oh, i would love to have been a fly on the wall when tiny ripped his butt a new one about that!!

3 12 2008

I dont even know “Mama”… she seems to let him get away with plenty

18 12 2008
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[…] he doesnt have too many guns on him to weigh him down. Oh that was wrong, huh? Not as wrong as him calling Tiny a situation (yea, I still haven’t forgotten that.) Bill Gates? Internet Explorer (if it was tangible, […]

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