How Will I Know…

25 11 2008

How will I know
(Don’t trust the feeling)
How will I know…
How will I know if he’s thinking of me
I say a prayer with every heart beat
I fall in love whenever we meet
I’m asking you cuz you know about these things

Whitney Houston asked that longstanding question in the 80s, but she hasn’t been the only to one sing about the dilemna. Before her, they sang that “it was in his kiss” that you would be able to tell if kissa guy liked you, and since the 80s, there’ve been numerous articles written in women’s magazines everywhere.

I mean really, take a look one day and you’ll notice that the question is probably mentioned in every women’s magazine on the newsstand every single month. From Cosmo to Seventeen, there’s never a shortage of places claiming they know juuuust the trick to tell if a guy likes you. And yet, if you talked to any of my guy friends, they’d tell you its pretty easy and simple.

Well how can this be? If something is so easy and simple to understand, why have women spent decades trying to understand it and come up short? Is it because we spend too much time making excuses for the guys who really don’t like us that we can’t tell when a guy really does? Is it as simple as saying women and men just typically don’t understand each other and that’s why what one sees as simple, the other sees as complex?

OR is it that there really is no set way to know? I know I’ve fallen victim to using the most rigid cosmotelltale signs given by my guy friends before, only to find out that I never even gave the guy a chance. So what do yall think? Is there really a set way to know if he likes you???

Here are some I’ve heard in my couple decades on this earth:

– it’s in his kiss. Made famous by the song, but clearly you can see how this could be a flawed approach in sooooo many ways now.

body language: a guy will let you know by doing certain things like positioning his body completely towards you in a fully open manner, or keeping his eyes on you when talking to a group of friends, or inadvertently having body parts pointed towards you (not that, nasty!) such as his elbow or knee or foot.

– if he likes you, he will call you every chance he gets and try to see you as often as possible/ you make time for what you want to make time for and this is showing he wants to make time for you in his life (my guy friends)

Eh, I don’t know. Lol… Maybe we should stick with “he likes me, he likes me not.” That’s simpler than any of the rest of those lol




3 responses

25 11 2008

I appreciate the random N*Sync shout out!

25 11 2008

I think we, as women, stress ourselves about it because we often want to see signs of interest in people who, to be honest, just aren’t interested. It’s really no more complicated than that, because I truly believe guys are simple creatures. If he likes you, you’ll know.

I like to follow the guidance of the person who, in my opinion, is the most qualified to answer such questions… my dad.

Simply put: “If he likes you, you won’t be able to get rid of him.”

Which, you know could be good or bad. Good if you like him back. Bad if you don’t… and in some cases… really, really bad… lol.

9 08 2013
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