Sinfully Sexy*

11 11 2008


“Excuse me. You look like you could use some help there.”

There I was, sitting, bent over my seat at the party, trying to buckle my shoes and of course, this would be the time someone would try to approach me, right? Not wanting to look up too fast so I don’t get a head rush or take too long where he would think I was ignoring him, I attempted to make this sexy sliver of the back movetaritas-shoes as I raised my neck in secession afterwards and smoothed out my head. All this was done with my breathy, raspy, “hi,” way before I actually saw who was getting this full treatment from me.


When I saw who it was, that’s when my smile appeared.

“Hey,” I practically screamed, wanting to jump up and give my old friend from high school a hug, but being stopped in my tracks by my shoe that still wasn’t quite buckled and the fact that he had certainly grown into a sexy ass man. This was not the little boy I remembered, who everyone thought was sooo cute with his little dimples that we wanted to pinch constantly and who had the finest oldest brothers known to man. We should have known then, really… he came from good stock.


He smiled back, one of those knowing smiles, as if he could read my mind and tell that I was thinking, “Damn, I don’t remember him looking this GOOD!” And yet, even with a smug confidence on his face, he simply said, “It’s been so long. How are you?”

“I’m doing great. Well, actually, I’m having a bit of a time with this shoe right now, but other than that, great,” I clarified.

“Ha ha ha, you women and your shoes.”

“Well, what can I say? There’s nothing like the feeling of sliding on a pair of shoes that fit you to the T, make your walk and stride seem twice as good, make your legs look like they were born that way, and make your feet stand out with either the style, color, or both.”

“I see. Though I’d have to disagree with you,” he said, sitting down in the seat next to me.

82740018“Really? Would you?”

“Yes, I would. You see, you described your shoe experience with a lot of passion just now, but I think it’s because you may be lacking that type of passion in other areas.” As he spoke, he gently began raising my leg until he’d placed my foot in his lap and had removed the shoe I’d been so desperately trying to put on.

I was in such a trance by this time, when I feebly attempted to protest and explain that I was actually trying to put the shoe on, he responded with, “it’s okay. I got that,” and I said no more.


He gently massaged the temples in my toes and then the nerves in the ball of my foot, slowly moving towards the middle and finally sliding his fingers along the heel. “Doesn’t this feel much better than trying on shoes?”

“Uh huh,” I whispered before I even knew to say no.

“I knew you’d see it my way.”

“Whoah,” I said, snapping back to reality. “Let me answer that again. It’s a different type of feeling, but that doesn’t discredit the joy, you know, that I get from finding a pair of shoes that I love.”legs


“That’s fine,” he said, pausing to let me think about what he would say next. “But I’d be willing to bet you that I could compare.” He finished lathering my foot with his hand love and with a snap, had replaced the shoe that once lay away my foot. He then buckled the same buckle I’d had problems with before, slid his hand up my leg, and placed my foot back on the ground. “See, with me, you can still have your shoes. But I can help you take them off and put them back on.”


Without another word, and with me sitting there stunned, he stood up and walked away, leaving me to think on his words and make sure we exchanged numbers again before the night was over.


* Just another attempt at strengthening my short story skills….




2 responses

12 11 2008

Am I the only one that freaks when someone tries to take off her shoe?

(Or is that because at the time, my pedicure was NOT fresh, and that I freaked at the thought of revealing chipped polish?)

12 11 2008

Oh NO! Embrace the foot rub…. embrace the sinfully sexy foot rub! LOL

now the polish reveal, I can understand. But hey, if Oprah can let Dr. Oz show her tootsies on the show yesterday to talk about bunions, then I think you’re chipped toes wont bother him that much LOL.

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