Manolo Blahnik

9 11 2008

manolo-blahnik I’m not even going to give you guys the price on these… but I figure, hey look, just because you and I can’t afford them now, doesnt mean you shouldnt still look, admire, and aspire to… right? Anyway, let me tell you… sometimes I think that the real designer shoes can be ugly as hell. Like, I’ll look at some Stuart Weitzman’s or Michael Kors’ or Miu Miu’s and think…. ugh, why would someone spend a $1000 on that?!

But then there are other times that I completely understand. These MB’s right here are in the latter category. They’re simply elegant, but make such a statement. Using gold nappa leather and tonal topstitching, these 4 inch heels with a zip detail in the back will give any woman the confidence she needs to step in a room and command it. Can’t you just see your feet sliding into them???




2 responses

12 11 2008

Maybe… I think my toes look weird in gladiator-style heels.

But, I DO feel on the ugly expensive shoes. Like…. ewww! And then people will rock them, just to say that they have designer stilettos.

Also notice how the ugly ones are the only ones ever available at discounts? Lol.

12 11 2008

ha aha aha glad someone feels me on this!

there were WAY more ugly than cute ones on the Neiman Marcus website when I was perusing the other day… and V, dont be scurred to try a good gladiator-style heel every once in awhile. These babies right here just might be their saving grace! LOL

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