My story/Her Story/HIStory + Sneak Peek!

6 11 2008

So unfortunately I don’t have any teen quotes good goods about the win today, but I am extremely excited to show you guys the cover of our new magazine! Take a look!


Okay now that I’m done being a proud mama/ editor, let’s get to the real deal. Yesterday, CCB was so kind as to share her perspective of the day America elected it’s first Black President. I would like to take her example and do the same, and if I may be so bold, I’d also like to challenge my blogger friends to do the same. If you do, let me know so I can link back to your post. That’s why I titled this post: “My story/Her story/HIStory”, so we could have a place that connects all of our stories during this historical event. I will post any link backs at the end of this post.

My story is slightly different from others. Since I vote absentee, I didn’t have the perspective of standing in the lines and seeing folks get emotional as they cast their ballot. My ballot had to be into the Orleans Parish registrar by November 3rd. Yet, that didn’t stop me from having a sense about everything all day.ballot1

I had been in a state of cautious anticipation for a couple weeks by the time November 4th arrived, and that day was no different. In fact, if anything, I was more nervous, didn’t want to jinx anything, didn’t want to get my hopes up too high, because this nation had found ways before to shatter them.

Anyway, as the day moved along, and my office stayed a ghost town, I became almost restless. I couldn’t get much work done because people who owed me answers were in line doing what I encouraged on the blog the other day lol. So instead, I surfed the net. And made my way to, the website for the New Orleans newspaper, the Times Picayune. One article caught my eye.

It was an article about black voters in New Orleans feeling how I felt, cautiously excited, but literally tearing up as they stood in line at the polls. Initially, the article just made me kind if envious. There are several specific reasons that I still choose to vote absentee, however, this was the first time I actually lamented the fact I didn’t get to participate in the physical process of it all. That feeling didn’t last long, however, as I made the mistake of scrolling down and reading the comments left at the end of the article. I won’t dignify them by repeating them, but needless to say, my entire demeanor changed instantly.

Where I was once cautiously optimistic, I just didn’t see it happening anymore, and I began to try and prepare myself for the disappointment, knowing I would handle it better without being bombarded by it. I didn’t tell any of my friends, family members, or coworkers, because I didn’t want to bring them down… but I dont know. My faith was gone. I just didn’t see how an America that had people saying the things they were saying could be the same America that would elect him president.

But I continued on. I got off work and headed to Georgetown to meet CJ at her job’s Election Watch Party. They’d been drinking since noon, so by the time I got there, all these people who’d worked hard to advertise for the Obama campaign and other Democratic candidates were DRUNK! We started watching the television, awaiting the results. Flipping back and forth between MSNBC and CNN. Watching that damn CNN hologram. Watching state after state come in for him.

virginiaAnd suddenly. Virginia. Florida. North Carolina. They weren’t being called because the race was too close. Too close? The race in Virginia was too close too call? I was dumbfounded, but still cautious. Then more states came in. He’d won out in Pennsylvania. Wow… okay, I thought. A little excitement began to grow, but I pushed it back down.

More time passed. CNN was doing stupid things like calling Texas for McCain or California for Obama. They were passing time by showing us how even if McCain won all the states left on the map, it would still be difficult for him to get to 270. And then…… “BREAKING NEWS. CNN can now project that Virgina will go to Senator Barack Obama.”

“WHAT?! WHAT?! WAIT, no WHAT?!?! Did they just say he got Virginia?!? VIRGINIA?!?! Oh my God! OH MY GOD!” That’s what my brain was doing because I knew… I knew when they called Virginia, he. had. it. And he did. Not seconds later, CNN officially projected Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

I was in shock. disbelief. I couldnt move for like seconds… and then my tears started trying to come. It was part pride. I couldnt believe I would actually live to see the day and I couldnt believe that my parents and grandparents who lived through the things they lived through, would see the day that a Black man would be elected President. But here it was. It was overwhelming. It was a swell of emotion. But also, I was disappointed in myself. I’d let the negativitiy of other folks bring me to the point where I didnt believe anymore and that was sad.

Still in all, even as I was tearing… I was refusing to cry. I was literally sitting there, talking to myself… “you are not going to cry in front of all these people you do NOT know!” And I was doing well, and teardrop1then my sister called. She was screaming at the top of lungs with excitement and in the midst of the “spontaneous” party on Howard’s yard that went from there to Georgia Ave to U Street to 16th Street to the White House. If you’ve never been to DC and dont know these streets… just know that they damn near walked the entire city lol. And I started balling. Like literally BALLING my eyes out.

I finally got myself under control and my mom called. And then I got myself under control again and Roland Martin started getting choked up on CNN and Jesse Jackson started crying… and then that speech. I was good on the speech until he started talking about the 106 year old lady and recounting all the things she’d seen and lived through and all my emotions from before hit me again.

We’d elected Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. Wow. Truly amazing.

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