Seven Whole Days

29 10 2008

When Toni Braxton talked about Seven Whole Days, she was referring to her trifling man that hadnt called her in a week… but here, I’d like to discuss the week leading up to what’s looking like a very interesting election.

I mean, political junkie bias aside and admitting that I find all presidential elections intriguing, this one is still turning out to be verrrry interesting. Think about all the good goods we’ve received just in the last few days! “Barack Obama is leading by a football field worth of points!” GASP! “Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama!” What?! “Oh wait, now the polls are closing in and Barack’s only leading by like 2 points!” Whoa! “But did you see, now Palin and McCain are infighting!” I mean, it just keeps getting better and better lol.

And we still have seven days left.

Tonight, Barack will be on everyone’s tv screen with his 30 minute commercial, and then appearing on John Stewart a little while after that… and I believe John McCain is finally going to appear on Larry King after initially pulling out after Cambell Brown made her comments about Sarah Palin’s national security experience.

What could possibly happen in seven days, you may ask?

Well, at this point… who knows, really? The way this election is turning out, I wouldnt be surprised if James Carville came out and endorsed McCain or we found out Sarah Palin’s daughter really did get pregnant by that black kid from Los Angeles. Both not really likely to happen, but I mean, would you be willing to bet the house on it? Shoot, would you have been willing to bet the house last year that a black man named Barack Obama would be this close to becoming President of the United States of America.

I wouldnt have. But in seven days… it just might be true.




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