24 10 2008

 Ok, so I’ve never really been a vengeful person. I kinda spoke about that here, but you know, it’s just never been one of those things I do. I laugh when other people do it. I clown that I’ll beat a dude down if he messes with one of my girls… but like, getting back at a guy for something he’s done to me or because the relationship didnt work out? Nah… it’s just not me.

Maybe my gumption isnt big enough. Maybe I just am so consumed in wanting to be done with that person, that revenge just seems like I’m spending extra time on him, and I’m not down for that. Or maybe I just dont think I’d be good at any of the ideas my friends have said before. lol… and trust me, there’ve been plenTy!

Either way… in every Cosmo issue, they have a 10 commandments section. I thought it was hilarious that this month’s section was about getting back at your ex, when I was just talking to one of my friends about how I dont think any of the things we do to do so are effective. “There’s rules to breaking up,” she said. “You don’t send him the letter you write…” AND for me, “you don’t waste your time concocting some cockamamy scheme to get back at him lol.

Plus, as she pointed out… some of the things women do, “she’d have to go into witness protection” if she did them to her ex-boyfriend. BUT, Cosmo swears by these 10… so you know, um, take that for what it’s worth.

Dont they all seem like you’d either be KILT or COMMITTED??? lol… anyway, I’m sure there are other, funnier, less dangerous ways to get back at your ex. For example, one thing I do like to do is make sure I am FLY as hell if I know I will see one of them somewhere. (well you know, flyer than my usual fly ass lol). It’s not necessarily revenge… but I like to think of it as showing what you’re missing out on… or something like that lol.

Do you guys have any other ideas? And guys, how would YOU feel if a girl did any of those things listed?




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24 10 2008

Would a link to your post count as a post for me since I’m the “friend” lololol . . . Just wondering because I procrastinated and now it’s just about too late.

And I still argue that “You DON’T SEND THE LETTER!”

24 10 2008
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