22 10 2008

With all the controversy surrounding Colin Powell’s recent endorsement of Barack Obama for President of the United States of America, I figured it would be intriguing to get a glimpse into his thoughts like we had the opportunity to do with Barack Obama, Chelsea Clinton, and later Joe Biden.

Soooooooooo…. top 10 things I think Colin Powell is thinking RIGHT NOW:

1. Yeah I know everyone is all up in flurry about my Barack Obama endorsement, but I mean… really… is it all that shocking? I’m Republican, but I’m about as centrist Republican as you can get, kinda like how Clinton was about as centrist Democrat as you can get…. I stride the fence quite often.

2. But dont get it twisted, I’m no Joe Lieberman… that punk.

3. With all this newfound interest in my blackness, you’d think people never knew before. Next thing you know, they’re going to dig up the fact that I’m on Howard University’s Board of Trustees…. oh crap, did I just say that out loud?

4. Rush Limbaugh can’t take me! He can’t handle the TRUTH!

5. Okay, so really… he IS kinda big and a junkie, so maybe he could like sit on me or something. But he’d have to catch me first, and that’s what is not going to happen.

6. Oh and since everyone is remembering I’m black and all nowadays, I’m sure someone is going to “find out” that I’m part Jamaican… and I swear, if someone offers me a bong because of it… I’m going postal. That’s to you Bill Maher.

7. All jokes aside though, I really do think Barack Obama is the best guy to run our country for at least the next 4 years. It has nothing to do with race. It doesnt even have all that much to do with how knowledgeable I think he is…. but I mean, have you listened to that Palin chick? She’s an idiot, yo! She’s an IDIOT!

8. She didnt even know what the Bush Doctrine was!!!! How do you NOT know what the Bush Doctrine is??!?!?! Couldnt you have at LEAST used context clues or something?!?!…

9. And oh yeah, for any black people who may have been wondering, I guess this proves I’m no Clarence Thomas either, eh? lol

10. Oh but dont think I forgot about the Republicans. Do these fools know who they are playing with? No. Really. Do they know? I’m mother-fucking Colin Powell beeches! All this trying to discredit me and shit just isnt going to continue to be allowed for too much longer. Yall will see the general come out…. in juuuuuuust a second.




7 responses

22 10 2008
Jamie Holts

Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

22 10 2008
Jamie Holts

A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

22 10 2008
Jamie Holts

I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

22 10 2008
Jamie Holts

Well said Great information, keep up the great work!

22 10 2008
Jamie Holts

I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

22 10 2008

I’m pretty sure that if you weren’t going to get deported before, that you will now. Just make sure they take you some place nice and not like Cuba or something. Maybe you could go to Russia . . . then I could fly to Alaska and see you from Sarah Palin’s house!

Now that’s an idea . . .

24 10 2008

@ jamie holts… THANKS!!!!!!

@ ccb… I KNOW!!!!!! lol… cross your fingers they send me to TUSCANY! 🙂

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