Teen Expressions 2

8 10 2008

Well, it’s the day after the debate from last night, but I never gave you guys the top 5 good goods from the teens concerning the Biden/Palin debate… and trust me, you want these. Will try and give you their thoughts from this one in a more timely fashion next time (if they’re classics, of course lol… but their my teens, so I’m sure they will be lol).

Anyway, in the last installment of this, I promised you guys I would come with more quotables and come with more quotables is what I did:

1. “I thought it was funny how they shook each other’s hands and were smiling and talking at the end. I bet they weren’t saying anything at all!” other teen: “Yeah, they were probably like, bla bla blah. uh huh… bla bla blah”

2. “I kept laughing at how Joe Biden kept doing this crazy smile whenever Sarah Palin said something dumb or didnt answer a question. You just know he wanted to look in the camera and scream to America, ‘Dont you get it!? She’s dumb!'”

3. After we briefly talked about the SNL skits…”Do you think it’s possible to switch Tina Fey with Sarah Palin? You think the Republicans would notice?”

4. “So, neither of them believes in gay marriage, but they both believe in EQUAL benefits???? I dont get it.”

5. After I explained the Ultimate Bridge to nowhere comment that Biden made: “Aha aha ha, she got pwned!!!” other teen: “Yeah, on national TV!” * for those, who don’t know, pwned is a facebook reference which is equivalent to saying to someone “you got served!”

Hope you enjoyed!!!! On an extra special side note, I am so proud of my kids. Most of them came into the workshop not caring AT ALL about politics, and now… oh boy! they can’t WAIT to come in there and talk about whats going on, from the Bail out to the debates to everything! And they have questions about everything… trust me!…




2 responses

8 10 2008

Thank you. After waking up at 5am I needed that.

8 10 2008

“Do you think the Republicans will notice?”

LMAO!!! Classic!

I love kids. Hee hee.

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