First Date Jitters*

30 09 2008


“Oh shit! I’m so late.”


Waking up from the most ridiculous accidental nap in the world, I turned in my bed to see that my clock read 6:45PM. Well that’s just great, I thought. Especially since I had my first date with this great, cute, sexy Brody  I’d met the other day.


“Wait, what time is he supposed to be here to pick me up,” I’m pretty sure I asked myself out loud. I was definitely in one of those just waking up dazes that you find yourself in sometimes. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember when I’d fallen asleep. One thing I did know… this guy was going to be at my place by 7:30. Clearly, that didn’t leave me much time to get dressed.


I jumped out of the bed so fast; it would have probably given me a headache if I hadn’t been working on straight adrenalin. You’d swear the fire alarm in my apartment had gone off. I ran to the closet, in search of the perfect simple but subtle, dynamic outfit. Knowing that I didn’t have much time to pick out my fit, take a refresher shower, spruce up my hair and go for the “does she have on make-up or is she that beautiful all by herself” make-up look, I knew the quickest way to speed up my process.


Find the shoes I wanted to wear.


It was something I always did when I was in a bind, whether it was because I needed to figure out my fit quickly or because I was having a moment and couldn’t decide which outfits to pick out of my closet for a specific event. Well, to make sure both situations didn’t hit me with a BOOM, I thought proactively.


I wanted something that could make the outfit, but was slightly understated. It was just the first date, so I wanted to show a little of my flair, but not too much. You know, you gotta give ‘em a little to keep ‘em coming back for more, right? LOL


Anyway, immediately I knew which shoes I would wear. These Jessica Simpson PARIGI pumps, that had the added benefit of being a beveled toe pump (which made them more comfortable) even as they added extreme height (coming in at a heel height of 4 and ¾ with a 1 in platform) and a slight dazzle with the color scheme, were exactly the shoes that would do the trick.


From there, I came up with the rest of the fit pretty quickly. Adding to the shoes, I picked my dark blue (almost black) skinny jeans, white tank top and a medium thick red belt. For accessories, my small red studs and a long brown beaded necklace that hung to my belly button.


I quickly wrapped a scarf around my head, jumped into and out of the shower in no time, sprayed some smell good on the important parts, put on my clothes and worked wonders with my make-up in 5 minutes flat. (Yes, your girl is a G with the natural make-up look.) I’d just unwrapped my hair (with great results, thank goodness) when my doorbell rang.


Wow, someone was timely, I see. I leaned over to see what my clock read. It was 7:29PM. 


“Hold on, be right there,” I screamed through the door.


Hurriedly putting my shoes on and checking myself one last time in my “lie to me mirror,” I opened the door to one of the most beautiful men that God has ever created.


Wow,” he whispered, which of course made me blush extremely hard… adding to my blonzer I’d put on.

“Thank you.”

“You must have prepared all day for this date, huh? You look amazing!”

“Ha ha… oh boy, you have no idea how wrong you are, but I appreciate the compliment.”

“Well, you look like a million bucks. I can’t wait to walk in there with the most beautiful girl on my arm.”

“You better stop. I might just fall out from all these smooth talker compliments in a row,” I said, half-jokingly.

“Well, we certainly don’t want that to happen,” he laughed. “With those heels, you’d have a long way to fall!”

“Ohhhhh… okay! I see you! We got jokes,” I said, staring him down, with a HUGE smile on my face. “I’m still bad, even with these heels off.”

“I know.” He looked me up and down, slowly taking in my entire creation, excitement clearly building within him. I’d clearly picked the right shoes for the night, and was definitely going to enjoy myself. 🙂


* Just another attempt at strengthening my short story skills….




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