Hey… it’s OKAY!

26 09 2008

Glamour Magazine recently did a page about things that may make you happy, but may seem kinda ridiculous to others. Aptly titled, “Hey, it’s OK!” the page included such great treasures as:

… to still love those zero-spending weekends at your parents’ house.

… to wear that fancy dress to another wedding. And another. It’s not like the paparazzi are on patrol.


… to have a “work conflict” when a friend picks some hyperpriced restaurant for her birthday dinner.

Well, I KNOW we can come up with some good ones ourselves… EVEN BETTER ones!

I’ll get you started: Here are some I think are noteworthy. Join in the fun and let me know some statements you’d like to add!


…. to decide that pair of shoes is worth your lunch for the week if it’s a “to-die” pair that you may never see again, just happens to have one pair in your size, and it’s on major sale; but ONLY like once every 4 to 6 months.

… to call that guy who makes you feel good about yourself when you need a pick me up (esp if he’s like a gazillion miles away, Oakland anyone?, and therefore you dont have to actually worry about any slip-ups occurring.)

… to cry when Mufasa dies in Lion King. That’s a sad part, damnit! (yea CCB, I’m talking to you)

… to make a play for a cute/sexy/FIONE guy. It’s 2008 ladies!!!!! Yep, I’m promoting gettin ’em with the 2 finger come hither move (LOL)

… to still call your BFF at 3 am (on the weekends) with drunken I LOVE YOUs (yep, that’s you Pimp C lol)

Alright, what would you add???????




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27 09 2008

It was sad when we were 8!!!! J/K . . . here’s mine

. . . to call your BFF Rose during the commercial breaks on Grey’s because you have to analyze what happened in the last 2 minutes

. . . to indulge in celeb-reality TV (I wanna work for diddy, MTB4, etc.) – sometimes they give you what you need

. . . to buy that really expensive dress because you KNOW you’re going to wear it at least 5 times to get the “real dollar value” out of it – pictures on facebook be damned!

. . . to calculate the real dollar value of something to justify buying it

. . . to play dress up with a new coat when it’s out of season and then watch the weather channel everyday until the temperature is appropriate enough to wear the coat

. . . to get all giggly about a boy – sometimes they do that to us!

27 09 2008

Ooh! Ooh! Let me try!

It’s totally OK …

… to demand that pictures from a Sunday girls’ night out NOT be put on Facebook… because you plan on rocking that dress next Saturday.

… to call your daddy (or mommy) and be their helpless child again… if only for 30 minutes.

… to walk up on your crush and strike up a totally pointless conversation…

… and to giggle and jump around in glee in a secluded corner afterward.

… to bust out in you favorite dance move in the bathroom… or on the elevator…

… to flirt with the guys behind the counter just because you like making them squirm.

… to disappear and go on a solo retreat by the water without telling anyone.

… to be that extra flashy girl at work.

… to have a mug of mint chocolate chip ice cream at one in the morning.

… to just be you!!! :o)

Fun! Fun!

29 09 2008

You guys are sooo much FUN! lol… I love all of your “it’s okays” LMAO!

13 07 2012
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