22 09 2008


2, 5, 10… just numbers, right? Well normally, but not today… and not when it comes to guys and girls and perceptions.


I don’t remember the first time I heard the theory that people pair up according to numbers, but as soon as I did, it stuck. I would assume it was one of my guy friends espousing some wonderful guy logic on me, because that’s just what it sounds like… but when you think about it, it kinda hits you. 


The idea behind the theory is that depending on your number equivalent, you will most likely date people between a 2 point range below you or a 2 point range above you. For example, if you’re a 6, the theory would say that you wouldnt date anyone below a 4 because you would think you’re too good for them, and you wouldnt be able to pull anyone above an 8. It also says that in that range lies certain expectations. If you are the 6 dating a 4, you may expect that 4 to almost be grateful for being with you (whether you realize it or not), and if you’re dating that 8, you may allow that person to get away with more, because hey, he or she is an 8… some things you just have to put up with.



Now, really think about it. How many 3.5s do you know walking around with 10s living wonderful, beautiful and successful lives. Not many, right? And the ones you do are such a shocker to your system, that maybe you might have even wondered, “how did HE pull her?” or “what did she do to get HIM?” Ahhh, starting to sound familiar, right?


The number system is easy enough at first to figure out. You take a gorgeous person who has a great head on their shoulders, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is either successful in his or her career or on the way to being successful… it’d be pretty easy to label that person a 10, right? Except, what if that guy or girl had ALL those things, but also had one of your deal breakers too… then would they still be a 10??


Even Katt Williams talked about this in his American Hustler dvd:


Aint no perfect people ladies, but sometimes you set your sights to high and don’t give n*ggas no credit. Some of yall then had a 98 percent good n*gga, 98 percent. You got rid of them n*ggas for 2 fucking percent! 98% good. N*ggas went to work, made the check, brought it back, shared it with you, put gas in the car, didn’t beat on you, took care of your kids better than his own kids, he cant even see his kids, he rubbing your son’s hair and putting his backpack on in the morning and you done got rid of that n*gga for 2%… cuz he cheated on ya… a little fucking 2%. You… oh, what? It’s different now!?… Ladies like, n*gga that’s a big 2 n*gga, fuck!

That 2 percent could drop a 10 down to a 2 real quick, right? Do you think the same could be said about a 2 rising to a 10 if eventually you realized that with a bag over his face, he gave you everything else you needed? I mean, I know many people who’ve had a 5 become an 8.5 to them the more they got to know them, so thats not too far of a stretch, right?


That all just kinda makes the numbers thing a lil more complicated to think about. Especially when you factor that most people probably won’t consider themselves anything less than a 6.5, I would assume. And so if you think you’re an 8, but everyone else thinks you’re a 4… already you’ve set yourself up with high number expectations that you just might not meet.


Anyway, I’m starting to go on a tangent here. But what do you think? Do we pair off in numbers? And if we do, how do you know if you’re setting your number expectations too high? Let’s speak on it…




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