19 09 2008


There’s been some discussion lately on knowing when a guy is just not that into you, but today, I’d like to talk about some tell tale signs that YOU’RE just not that into him! Here are a few that I’ve come up with… feel free to add your own to the list.

1. You know you’re not that into him when the phone rings, you see his name come up, and you respond with a sigh, “ugh, not right now.”

2. You know you’re not that into him when he tries to touch you and instead of getting a tingly feeling inside, you actually literally want to puke.

3. You know you’re not that into him when you’ve either never told your close friends his real name or no one has ever even seen a picture of this man before because you only have contact with in secret (um, dirty mistress instances may not apply to this one, maybe).

4. You know you’re not that into him when you’re thinking of your ex while having sex with him.

5. You know you’re not that into him when he asks to come over and you say “let me think about it,” and you actually think long and hard about it, because you’re not quite sure if you want to see him or not.

6. You know you’re not that into him when you actually WANT to just be cut buddies.

7. You know you’re not that into him when you call another guy immediately after getting home from a date with him (yes, LC of The Hills, I’m talking to you).

8. You know you’re not that into him when you give him nicknames like 3.5, the Stand-in, and Jeepers Creepers.

9. You know you’re not that into him when you would never consider dropping everything you’re doing to make sure he’s okay.

10. And lastly, you know you’re not that into him when you’ve had sex before and the flashbacks you get are more nightmares than exhilarating, breathtaking remembrances of a great time had.




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19 09 2008

First… not nightmares. That’s just sad. Now I’m sad. Lol.

Also… of all the nicknames in all the world (I’ve had The Moth, The Boy, The Sweater, and Him), I think The Stand-In is the absolute coldest. Just cold! LMAO!

Let’s see if I can think of other signs… it looks like you’ve hit all the major ones on the head… OH! I know!

It always bad when you’re entertaining someone, and yet thinking in the back of your mind, “How am I gonna get out of this one?”….

It’s also bad when you’re talking shit around mutual acquaintances and you just don’t care.

And finally, it’s definitely a bad sign when you answer his call while someone else is warming up the baby oil, and tell him, “I gotta call you back… I’m with my… *friend*….”

Not that I’ve ever done anything like that. 😉

20 09 2008

Yes nightmares, girl! lol… it’s real in the field! lmao

Yeah, I agree, the stand-in is a pretty bad nickname… especially since he was a nice guy, but I mean, thats what he was! lol

and ooooh those are pretty bad too! thanks for adding to the list (you know, not that you ever did anything like that tho lol)

26 09 2008

You KNOW you’re not that into him when he calls and you pretend he got the wrong number. And then he calls back again and you still pretend to make sure he gets the point.

You know you’re not that into him when you’re talking to him about what to wear on your next date . . . with a guy who’s not him . . . who you turned him down to go on a date with

You know you’re not that into him when you’d rather text than call because his voice annoys you.

You know you’re not that into him when you take the long way home from work just in case he might be following you – because you don’t want him to know where you live. (Yes, I’m talking about The Stalker)

If you call him the The Stalker, to his face, you’re probably not that into him.

If you’ve ever had a conversation about what women actually do to look good for a man (minus if he’s your long-time significant other) then you aren’t that into him. You aren’t telling any man you actually like about the waxing, plucking, grooming, shaving, bleaching and dying that is involved in primping for them. Or about the blisters those sexy as heels give you every time you wear them for him.

13 09 2009
I’m a PLAYA… « Choices, Voices, and Sole

[…] You see, both people were speaking on encounters they’d had with significant others where the statements made by the other person were, to put it nicely, malarkey. And while I listened to both and chimed in with any respectable friend’s “I cant believe he/she would say something that stupid to you!” it got me to thinking about some of the stupid stuff we say to each other when we’re trying to end the relationship. Don’t worry – I say we because I am not a martyr either. I have said everything from, “It’s not you, it’s me” to the inevitable, “I just need some space right now.” And at the time that I made those comments, if you’d have called me on my statements, I would have vehemently denied not speaking the truth. I would have said that I really did feel that way towards those particular men, but reflecting afterward, I can say what the men probably felt at the time anyway –  I just wasn’t that into him. […]

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