Liquid Courage*

18 09 2008

“Wow that’s him?”

“Yes, that him,” I said, dazily looking at this man who stood 5’9 on a good day, but who had the smoothest dark chocolate skin, a FOINE body dressed in a tailored suit, and the prettiest smile you’d ever see.

“Wow,” my friend replied, dragging out the word almost as if she were Flava Flav, but with a little less emphasis, because hers came out in a whisper. He looked so good, he practically took her breath away.

We were at one of my best friend’s birthday parties, celebrating at the new hot club in the city, but you wouldn’t have known it by how I’d locked all my energy onto this gorgeous man. I’d always thought he was cute, but had never had the chance to speak with him, as he graduated from my college a couple years before I came there. Really, the only reason I even knew about him was because he was legendary (and I guess we had a few friends in common, as well lol).

One of those friends was the birthday girl, and I figured that if I didn’t stop staring at him, either a) He would call security about a stalker; b) She would kill me for not poppin bottles with her or C) all of the above.

Plus, my fit was made for it!(the poppin bottles part) I’d come to the party in a barely there royal blue mini dress, that did a lovely job of accentuating my ASSets, fishnet stockings, and black pumps, and I was on a mission!

With one last glance, I turned back to the crowd, and started mimicking Lil Wayne and Baby with the rest of the crew. We were living it up too! Drinking Grey (the goose that makes u loose), Hennessy, and of course living champange dreams. You woulda thought one of us was Diddy afterawhile.

After a couple hours of that, “Emily”, the birthday girl, slid her way up to me, bottle in hand.
“You wanted to meet Mitch, right,” she asked.
“Uh, um yeah, I did,” I said with some trepidation.

“Emily” was known for becoming blunt as hell when she drank, and since I got a little friendly when I drank, I wasn’t quite sure how good of a combination this would be.

“Okay, I’ll go tell him.”

And before I could stop her, she was on her way, practically skipping to tell him how her friend liked him. Realizing how high school this whole thing might be perceived, I decided not to look their way, and hoped that she would lose some of her liquid courage by the time she finally reached him.

She didn’t.

Sauntering back to me, Emily said, slightly out of breath from her excitement, “OMG, why weren’t you looking over there?! I definitely told him, and he was trying to wave to you to get your attention, but you wouldn’t look over there!” She was screaming at me by this time.
“I’m sorry,” I replied. “I didn’t think you were really going to do it!” Lol

“Well, I did,” she laughed.
I noted to self never to dare Emily to do something again while she was drunk, because it might lead to her actually doing it, and we made our way back to her VIP section to continue dancing.

Later on that night, I finally had my chance to slide my shoes up to the big girl podium. While dancing, I saw Mitch come into our section, scoping the scene from the stairway, (I guess something that promoters do.) But I took it as my chance to reel him in.

I smiled at him, and when he smiled back, I knew that was my cue and Iwalked over to him.
“Hey,” he replied. “I tried to wave at you earlier, but you weren’t looking.”
“Yeah, that’s what I hear.”
We continued smiling at each other.
“So, you should give me your number.” As soon as I said it, I was stopped dead in my own tracks. Whoa, did I just say that, I thought.

But he didn’t flinch.
“Yeah, give me your phone so I can put my number in.”

“My phone? Oh the last time I remember seeing it, it was near our table.
Hold on, let me go get it,” I said, trying to stay calm, but clearly showing my excitement as I pranced in my black pumps over to the table and back in like 2 minutes flat.

“I’m back,” I said.
“I noticed.”
He took my phone, placed his number inside, and said, “make sure you wear those shoes on our first date.  I have some ideas about what you can do with them, other than skipping around the club.”

Whoa, what?! Still in shock, I turned around, and felt a swift slap on my butt. From him! Clearly that liquid had everyone doing crazy things out of the norm!

* Based somewhat on a true story, but still just me trying to strengthen my short story skills….*




7 responses

18 09 2008

I mean… when you put on the “F-me” pumps…. lol.

18 09 2008

oh no, Veronica! lmao… it’s a short story, remember?? lol… meaning part of it (at least for this story) isnt true! lol

18 09 2008

It’s not true because my name’s not Emily! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although, I do appreciate a good Emily in my life

16 10 2008
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