Teen Expressions

17 09 2008

For those, who dont know me, let me give you a brief history to catch you up to my point of this post. During my last year of and for about a year after graduate school, I worked at a teen program, doing many different workshops with boys and girls, ages 14 to 18. One of these workshops was a magazine workshop where the teens and I created, wrote, edited and designed a 42 page magazine, a 22 page magazine, and two 24 page magazines.

This semester marks the first time that I will be working with the teens in a consulting position, (since I have another job now), and since it’s a presidential campaign year and I’m a politics junkie… we’re doing a political magazine!!!! Woop! Woop!

It seems like it’s going to be very interesting already, seeing as though the premise of this workshop is not only to have them express themselves through writing, photography, and design, but to help them become more aware of the political process in America.

On my old blog, Destined 2 BE, there would be times when I would do posts featuring the ramblings of the teens. Well this post will be a little more focused, but I’m thinking of doing a series of posts from the teens about their ideas of government and politics.

Already, I’ve been hit with these gems:

In speaking about Sarah Palin: “Wait, who’s that? You mean the lady who’s daughter is pregnant, which is kinda funny since she doesnt believe in sex education for teenagers??? That dumb lady?”

After watching the SNL skit of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton: “What’s the Bush Doctrine and why doesn’t she know about it?” And after I explained what the Bush Doctrine was… “Oh man, she’s an idiot. Almost as dumb as my history teacher!”

When I asked them if they knew the current positions each candidate held: “oooh I know, Barack Obama is the senator of Illinois… I’m voting for him!” But you’re only 15, I pointed out. “Well, you know I’m voting for him in my mind, then.”

When I was informing everyone of the possible articles they could write on… ME: “One of the articles will be about what each party does to cater to the Black and Latino vote.” One of the girls: “um, that’s easy. Nothing.” One of the boys: “Wrong, didnt you see Daddy Yankee perform at the Republican Convention?” he was joking… not about Daddy Yankee performing (that really happened), about it working.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how their knowledge grows… and hopefully provide you all with more quotable in the near future.




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17 09 2008

Those kids always give me what I NEED!

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