2 WOMEN???

9 09 2008

Jackie Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe.

The other night, I was watching one of my favorite tv shows: Mad Men (if you’ve never seen it, get up on it… it’s AWESOME! esp, if you’re a history person like me). Anyway, the story arc of the night was that the advertising firm was trying to determine how to sell the Playtex bra in 1963. Apparently, or at least according to this show, at that time Maidenform was in high demand and Playtex was still trying to compete.

While trying to come up with a marketing plan, the men in the firm came up with what they thought was a bright idea: All women want to be one of two women, Jackie Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe. Now, at first the idea was seen and played as a joke, but as the show went along, it really started to grow in focus.

To them, they believed that Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe represented the extremes of the 2 main types of women in the 1960s: the elegant wife, mother, fashionista OR the independent, sexual, seductress. To complicate the idea even more, they also said that while the two women were different sides of the coin, they could be the extremes of the same woman… meaning there are times when a woman wants to be Marilyn AND times when a woman wants to be Jackie.

I thought this was a verrry interesting idea, esp as I sat back and realized that I had both women in my divas collection of black and white pictures. So what did that mean? Was I the woman they talked about who aspired to have both sides fulfilled equally? It’s quite possible, esp when you think about how women in the past couple decades have been socially taught that its best to be a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. (Jackie and Marilyn all rolled up into one!)

Now, you might say that you have friends that you can pinpoint EXACTLY which mold they would fit, but others who quite possibly might not fit either mold (cuz I know I could). The boys in the firm would say thats not the point, however. The point is not the actualization of being Jackie or Marilyn. It’s the desire to be one of the two.

So what do yall think? Is it as simple as women want to be like either or both? And if so, what does that say about our society that these are the two women who seem to still work so well for the representation of the idea? OR do you think there are better modern versions of the idea out there right now?

AND is there a similar mold for MEN?????




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