5 09 2008


“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Standing there in all his DJ glory, spinning the hot music for the crowd stood my ex.It was just the thing I had been worried about all day, and here it was coming true. Like some sort of cosmic ha ha ha from God.

“Okay,” I thought. “Its cool; you can do this. Who cares that he broke your heart, shattered it into itty bitty pieces, took those pieces and mashed them together with water and paper and made paper mache, and used that paper mache to create his new girlfriend. That he started dating not 2 days after we broke up. So what if all that happened.”

This was now. 2 years later. 2 years and 4 swag points higher, I knew that none of that stuff mattered because as soon as he saw me; he’d think I was the baddest out there. Shoot, the way I was feeling, you woulda thought that big kuntry and trey songz made that song just for me!

I mean, I was baaaad yall! Cute black and white polka dot mini dress with red tights and these fly ass shoes to top off the ensemble!

And of course, I was thinking all of this to gear myself up for the point that I knew would come. The time we would have to say hi. Now, every girl knows that what you want to occur when you see your ex is this interaction:
Him: hey
U: hey
Him (thinking): damn she looks good
U (thinking): I know

You turn and walk away… AND scene! Well, I was sooooo busy reliving the would- be scene in my head that I didn’t notice the play had already begun. Until. He. Was. In. My. Face.

“Hey,” he said. (Wait, was this really about to play out like I thought it would, I thought?)
I said “hey” back.
“You look nice 2nite.”
“Thank you, u too.”
“I especially like your shoes.”
(Wait, did he just comment on my shoes? This isn’t what’s supposed to be happening, I thought.)
“My shoes? Oh…. These?! Ha ha ha, well thanks! Just a lil something I had around the house” (or really that I’d just spent who knows how much on at the mall, but who’s counting, right?)
“Oh yeah? I have a pair at home too!”
“Wait, what?” (I said that one out loud lol)
“Yeah, you heard me.”
“Oh ok, well um I guess the other girlfriend didn’t last either then, huh?”
“Nah, she didn’t. But my boyfriend over there did.”

And as he pointed over to his left to show me the man who’d come to be his new partner in life, I realized two things:

1. I had been so upset about what happened between us, I hadnt let myself move on… and CLEARLY he had and….

2. I BET-TA be the baddest chick in these damn heels! (or at least out of the two of us…)

* Just another attempt at strengthening my short story skills….




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