2 09 2008

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that despite the warnings and worried souls all around, Gustav didnt do nearly the type of damage everyone thought it would. Even as a nation of evacuated and just concerned people watched on, Gustav veered about 35 miles to the west of New Orleans, sparing the city the kind of damage we all dreaded. I mean, Mayor Nagin had dubbed this “the mother of all storms,” and as it crossed along the Gulf of Mexico, it was looking to be that way.

But somewhere along the lines, a miracle happened. The storm that devastated Cuba and Haiti and Jamaica, and looked to do the same to Southern Louisiana, came in as a Category 2 instead of a Category 4. NO breaches in the levees. Minimal wind damage. Even the towns outside of New Orleans that were hit harder were spared what looked like it was going to be a much worse storm. And people can return home most likely as soon as this Thursday. And it’s all because of HIM!

Only God, yall.

I will admit, I was definitely scared this time. But I truly believe that all the prayers sent up helped us this time around. The sermon at my church on Sunday talked about praising God, even in the midst of the storm. One of the things the guest preacher pointed out was that because we are God’s children, He would never leave us to handle something He didnt think that we could. And I honestly dont think a lot of people would have been able to handle this one…

In the sermon, the preacher used the example that either you saw in 1992 (or have seen the commercials of recently) of the runner in the Olympics who got injured while running and his dad ran down to help him cross the finish line. After they crossed the line together, reporters asked the dad “why he knew that he had to come down and help his son?” They asked him if it was seeing his son’s strength? And he responded, (I’m paraphrasing) “It wasnt his strength, but it was his pain. I knew that he needed me.” And so I believe that God knew New Orleans and its residents needed Him this week. We always do, but this time especially. And He came down and helped us.

I hope people take some time to praise him for that. I know I will.




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