Oh Really??!?

28 08 2008

“I looooove Joe Biden… and America will too!”

Oh Bill. I love you too.. cuz you’re such a liar (lol). No. Really.

Listening to all the speeches so far, you’d think the Democrats were really trying to put on a Unity Convention (Part 2) [pundits be damned of course! lmao]. They’ve done everything but sing Kumbaya to try and convince us all that somehow, someway… the Democrats are truly unified. CNN and MSNBC have interviewed Hillary stans who went from hating Barack Obama to pledging their allegiance to him… all in ONE DAY! OMG! and guess what?!? It was allllllllllllll because of the GENIUS of Hillary Clinton. And her speech. And her conclusion that they’d be idiots to go from voting for her to voting for McCain (now, of course this is something we’ve all known for awhile now… buuuuuuut, you know it takes some people a little longer to catch on to things.)

Clinton applauded Biden, Biden applauded Billary, Ted Kennedy spoke, Michelle Obama applauded them all… and Jon Edwards was no where to be found. It’s been a regular ol’ All in the Family reunion. Never mind that just a couple weeks ago, people were saying that Bill was still holding a grudge about the campaign. Nevermind that news reports are still coming out about people being salty that Obama picked Biden over Hillary. And ESPECIALLY never mind those pesky ads that John McCain has been bringing out with Hillary’s words biting Barack in the bootay.

We’re supposed to believe that none of that matters now. We’re SUPPOSED to believe that all is well. By gones are by gones. The Comeback Kid and Baracka are BFFs now. Well, maybe they are. And maybe my noted cynicism is raring its ugly head again….. but I doubt it.

What I do believe, is that somewhere along the lines, people realized, “If we dont get this mess together or at least give the perception that we have, McCain’s gonna win,” and no matter what other things they disagree about, thats the one thing they agree on.

“That’s the America we’re going to continue to get if George, excuse me… John McCain is elected president… freudian slip! Freudian slip!” ~Joe Biden

And that’s pretty much been the theme so far: “Look, I know we dont ALL like each other, but can we at least pretend like we do so that the American public will not vote McCain into office?” It should be interesting to see how Barack takes that theme and incorporates others as well in his speech tonight.  

Now, dont get me wrong, I havent just been lauding over the fake “getting along.” There are plenty of other things to note at this convention: 1) all of the hip-hop stars (who probably dont vote themselves, but dont worry about that) expressing themselves at the convention… 2) the CUNTY comments coming out of this convention! From Spike Lee being interviewed about the Black community’s response to the Clintons and starting his response with “Just so you know, this is just my opinion… I am NOT a spokesperson for the Black community.” to James Carville’s response to the rest of the pundits on CNN: “To the behest of you all, I think that the Clintons and the Obamas are going to work very well together, and horror of all horrors, the Clintons may even campaign with the Obamas.” 3) and of course, the significance of Barack being officially nominated by the Democratic Party to be the first Black person to serve as a major party presidential candidate. That cannot be overlooked.

But as much as those other 3 notations are important and interesting, neither of them supplies as many funTy comments in my head as the fake Rodney King friendships. I suppose it’s something they have to do… part of me just wishes someway, somehow, it was actually true.

If you’ve missed any of the speeches so far, here are a few that most people think you probably should see.




2 responses

29 08 2008

I’m commenting on your tag – Don’t hate on The Queen!

29 08 2008

I still blame it on her! lol

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