9 08 2008


Well, looky who has a REAL website now? DSW finally joined the ranks of stores that have real websites recently and made it possible to search and purchase shoes from the comfort of your desk, bed, sofa, or whatever place you choose. Welcome DSW! It’s been a looooooong time coming!

Check them out at www.dsw.com


Peep Show




One response

28 08 2008

Hi I found your post using Google Blog search for DSW.com because I have been trying to find out more infomation about their online storefront because I have had a horrible month long ordeal with the company.

I purchased shoes and exchanged them for a smaller size, and they charged my account twice when they processed the return and in trying to fix that error, they did it again, charging me twice (I was charged 100 bucks for 50 dollar sandals, two times!) They ended up sending me two pairs of shoes (the replacement and the second I didn’t order) and then charged me for the cost of the shipping of the shoes they had charged and sent me by accident.
The creepy thing is the double charges on my account were made at times I was not online and also right in a row–

I wouldn’t trust these people with a handful of dimes, and quite frankly the number of emails and phone calls I’ve had to make to resolve this has been absurd.

Stick with another shoe site!

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