A Beautiful Mind…

7 08 2008


Top 10 things I think Barack Obama is probably thinking right now*


1. I know John McCain is NOT trying to John Kerry me right now! Do he know who I am???! Let a momof-ing swift boat ad come out on me… and it’s on!

2.“Can’t nobody take my pride. Can’t nobody hold me down. Oh no! I got to keep on moving.” Yeah… thanks Diddy. Take that. Take that.

3. Okay, seriously… let one more non-Black person, “journalist” or not, ask me if I’m not Black enough. No. Really. Plus… didnt you just hear me singing Diddy in my head? Geez!


4. Did Paris Hilton just do an ad saying she’s running for President? You know what, in this country; she might ACTUALLY win before I do!


5. Where’s my Public Enemy CD?


6. Um, yeah… remember to thank Tyra Banks for that spread in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. I just know Michelle is going to ask me if Tyra looks better as her!


7. Soooo, let me get this straight: I beat out Hillary Rodham Clinton and her “machine” and now these FOX people think THEY can beat me?! Remember to call Nas back.


8. Speaking of rappers, you think Lil Wayne can make a song like Georgia Bush for McCain??? How about McCaint? Eh, I’ll leave the name up to him… he could even put T-Pain on it. It’d be a number one single in no time.


9. YES! I am a momof-ing CELEBRITY McCain….. and my d*&^ is bigger too! (whew! Been wanting to say that for awhile now!)


10. Sigh. I need a cigarette.


* Yes, in my head, Barack Obama talks like me and my friends… meaning he curses a lot and says a lot of inappropriate things. Eh… you know what? He probably does talk like us… just without all the cool inflections J




5 responses

7 08 2008

Alas, my much anticipated comment:

YOU’RE AN ABSOLUTE MESS! But I love you for it! 🙂

8 08 2008
Country Club Barbie

Pretty sure Baracka doesn’t listen to Lil’ Wayne . . . I think I read he’s a NAS fan, lol.

8 08 2008

Yeaaahhh, I dont think he does either. BUT I think he’s smart enough to see who’s been on topping the charts and who the kiddies like. Plus, I heard that he’s been shouting out young Carter (prob in a negative way, but regardless) in some of his speeches…

You know what? Who are we kidding? He probably secretly likes Lollipop just as much as B. Clinton does! lol

11 08 2008

Hahaha. Nice.

20 07 2012
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