Categorically Correct?

5 08 2008


Late last year, I started dating this guy who was amazing! No. Really. Just one thing kinda freaked me: he was extremely open about his feelings towards me. Now, let me just put this out there… maybe not every girl is like this, but I know a lot of my girls and myself included, saaaayyyy we want a guy to be open and honest about his feelings, but it happens so rarely, that when it does…. it’s slightly unnerving for a second.


So I’ll admit it. I was unnerved. And it only grew the more and more honest he was. Long story short, within a month’s time, this man had expressed to me that he could see himself spending the rest of his life with me. It wasn’t that he was saying he wanted to marry me or anything ridiculous like that so soon… he was just saying that he had realized that he could even see me in that category.


After speaking with a couple of my guy friends, and asking them if this was normal or if I should be trying to see if dude had potential to be a stalker, this is what I learned/what they told me: Most guys know within a month’s time whether you could be Ms. Right or Ms. Right Now… they just usually don’t tell you at the time. My guy had.


Thus began my theory about categories. Theory: Within a month or less time, most men will know which category you fit into in their lives. (The theory is based upon the belief that while women typically grow to know how they feel about a guy, most guys know off bat what you have a chance to be in his life.) The categories are: 1) jump off: if you’re put into this category for a guy, brace yourself; there’s a 1% chance that you will ever find yourself out of this category. There are signs to know if you’ve been placed into the jump off category. I will delve into that in another post, however, I spoke briefly on it here. 2) datable: now this category has some potential, but not much. If you’re in this category, it means he’s interested in you….. buuuuuutttt, probably not interested enough. This category is sticky, because you as the woman might start to develop strong feelings while in this category, all the while not knowing that he never plans to move you into the next category, which is…. 3) potential wifey material: this doesn’t mean he WILL marry you, it means that you’re the type of woman that he could marry. This is definitely the most ideal situation you want to be in if you’re finding yourself engaged in a long term relationship with the guy.


Now, you know… we all have different agendas… so you might not want to be in category 3 with a specific guy…. But if you do, make sure you’re not in category 1, hoping and wishing and praying… cuz 9 times out of 10… it aint gonna happen sweetie.


The funny thing about this theory of categories is that it can correspond to friendship relationships as well. Tomorrow, I’ll delve into that aspect of it… but until that time, what do you think? Does my theory hold up, fellas? And ladies… if this theory is the case, what does it say about you and your relationship? Does that mean you then have to basically sit and wait for the guy to tell you/show you which category he sees you in, or are there other ways to know?




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